7 Content Marketing Hacks to Drive a Better Customer Experience

7 Content Marketing Hacks to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Do you feel like your content doesn’t attract much traffic no matter how hard you work on your content marketing hacks and strategy? Or you used to have a satisfactory number of visitors, but the numbers kept dropping and now you wonder what you could’ve possibly done wrong?

Don’t worry, because you’re not alone in this. As part of your content strategy, you should consider customer experience management as a crucial element in creating a pleasant image of your brand in the minds of the audience. 

But what is customer experience exactly? 

Customer experience refers to the customers’ overall impression of your brand. It’s a general image that’s formed inside customers’ minds and used to associate the brand with it. These images are created at different stages of the customer’s journey and through interactions with your website, your products, and your customer service. 

 Although some people might confuse customer experience with customer service, the latter is just one part of the former since it is related to the whole customer journey

Good customer experience can lead to increased loyalty, reduced churn, and improved sales. So, the very first contact your customer has with your brand is as important as the service they receive when they do the actual shopping. 

That’s why content experience has a crucial role in creating a satisfying customer experience that’s as pleasant as the whole customer journey. 

Here are seven content marketing hacks that can help you create engaging content that will improve the customer experience and further lead to attracting clients online. 

Encourage Interaction by Giving Incentives

In this day and age, it’s the customers who have the power, not the sellers. They are the ones who choose what brand or product they favor. So, it’s the brands’ challenge to increase customer engagement with their content.

One of the best marketing hacks is to reward the customer’s interaction with your content. For example, you can give discounts or free trials for those customers who subscribe to your content or email newsletters. 

You could use other free materials like e-books or guides that provide information about the brand and products. This way, customers will receive encouraging and informative materials and become more likely to engage with your brand. 

Create Useful Content 

No matter what your brand offers, there are always users and customers who are willing to share information about that particular product or service on their social media pages. So, if you create useful and highly informative content, you can leverage the power of customers by  sharing your content with other potential customers. 

A professional essay writer can help you produce content that is both engaging and adds value to your users. Besides, if customers share your content on their social media pages, you can tap into their personal networks to expand yours. 

Embrace Diversity

Although creating valuable articles is both useful for your SEO efforts and your customer engagement, it’s not enough. Today’s online users are diverse in terms of the form of content which they are most attracted to. Therefore, make sure that by creating content in the form of videos, images, gifs, and even graphs and infographics, you respond to the tastes of various customers and create a pleasant content experience. 

Another form of content that has been wildly popular is podcasts. Users find them easier to consume since there are more situations where they can listen to podcasts. They’re the best option for multitaskers. 

Fortunately, with the expansion of social media, marketers also have access to a plethora of options to deliver their content. Instagram and Facebook stories, going live on Instagram and sharing your content on Twitter all help attract and engage your audience. You also can find your audience in different messengers, such as Zangi.

It’s All About the Customer 

Customer r-centricity is a winning strategy in today’s competitive online world. And this strategy should be central in all aspects of your business, including content marketing. After all, you produce content to be consumed by your audience, so you can’t crush it without having the customer in mind. 

Instead of focusing on what your brand offers, create content that is relevant to your customers. Make it all about them. Introduce your products or services in your content, but put the needs and desires of the customer in the center of attention. 

Maintain Your Online Presence 

You need to be consistently present in the customer’s mind. Most customers regularly use the internet, so  you should also be visible there.

If you don’t have an active and consistent online presence, your customers will easily forget you and shift their attention to other competitors who know how to publish their content on a regular basis. 

Create a calendar to produce content for different platforms like your website and social media pages. Decide on the form of content you want to post every day so that you or your content marketing team could know what they’re supposed to do daily. 

Also, always be ready to respond to comments on social media platforms or your website. It will encourage users to interact with your content more and provide them with a pleasant customer experience. 

Create an Emotional Connection Through Content 

The importance of an emotional connection between the customer and the brand cannot be overstated. It’s this connection that creates the image of your brand in the customer’s mind. One way to achieve this connection is to  develop your brand voice. 

Your brand voice is how you decide to communicate with your audience. The tone of your content should be appealing to the audience so as to  create a pleasant experience with your brand for them.

Creating a persona also helps develop your brand voice. Personas are groups of customers with similar interests and tendencies. After you’ve determined their image , you can create content that caters to their particular needs and desires. 

Use Customer-Generated Content 

If you want your content to create a better customer experience and attract clients online, why not get help from them? The most effective form of user-generated content is testimonials. Ask your customers to talk about their unique experiences with your product or service to promote them in the long run . 

Testimonials build trust among users and encourage them to interact more with your brand. There’s nothing more powerful than seeing a person who has actually used products or services talk about their pleasant experience with a brand. 

Bottom Line

Implementing these content marketing hacks can have a positive impact on your customer service experience.  Leveraging your content marketing efforts to create a unique customer experience is the best thing you can do to reconcile two key elements of marketing. 

Putting the customer in the center of all your content marketing efforts, delivering value, and making an emotional connection with them ensure their engagement  with your content in a way that improves their experience with your business. 


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7 Content Marketing Hacks to Drive a Better Customer Experience James Baxter is professional ghostwriter, editor at write my essay online and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. He is especially interested in marketing, blogging and IT. James is always happy to visit different places and meet new people there.


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