Content Marketing Do's and Don'ts According to the Pros

Content Marketing Do's and Don'ts According to the Pros

Do you want to know what professionals think about content marketing? This is a question that many business owners ask themselves when they are deciding how to market their business and want to expand. Many companies spend valuable time and money trying to generate traffic and fail to improve conversion rates once they get there. This is a huge mistake, needless to say.

In this article, we will discuss some of the dos and don'ts of content marketing, from people who have been doing it for years. Do you think this can help you? If so, read on.

Do Understand Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that can include the use of blogs, videos, social media, emails, articles, and infographics. It would typically cover topics such as how to use your product or service in everyday life, plus additional information relevant to the subject.

You would ideally need to supply free and engaging material on a regular basis. Over time you could be viewed as a trusted authority on the subject. Special offers and new product launches could also be discussed, to increase peoples' interest. You should also include links to your website in order to promote online traffic and sales.

Do Hire An Agency

It may be that you don't have the time or resources, expertise, or inclination to get involved in content marketing. If that's the case you should seek outside help from a third-party company. They can use their knowledge and experience to produce the best possible content for your business. If you don't do this you could be missing a trick, because things like social media and blogs can be free tools that generate income.

There are in fact many advantages to following this course of action. If you hire a B2B content marketing agency they can help you build web traffic that generates leads and boosts sales. They can see if you are using too much top-of-funnel content and apply their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills to make your website more discoverable. They can analyze your target audience and identify the search words they are using online, so they can be included in your content.

Do Use Videos And Social Media

Youtube can help you reach new audiences; just make sure you include a link to your website in the description of your videos or profile. This ensures that viewers can find out more about what you do. The videos' titles should also be SEO optimized because they will appear in Google search results. This is because Google and Youtube are owned by the same company.

Social media can be a powerhouse for your content marketing strategy with the right hashtags and content promotion strategies. Your Facebook posts or Twitter tweets should be content-rich, and once again make sure you also have URLs in these posts so that people can find out more.

Content marketing

Do Use Blogs

Blogs are another powerful content marketing tactic. However, like all content marketing, do's and don'ts are applicable. They can be easy to update and are a great medium for reaching out to your audience with new information about your company or products. Publish free quality content on the blog every day at least once: You will increase the likelihood of people visiting your site frequently if they know their favorite blogs always have fresh content available.

You can go as deep into detail as you want for your posts. Whether you write an editorial item or a blog solely focused on promoting a specific event/product, there's plenty of room for creativity in how you present it. You can either post on your website or use sites like who will pay you according to the number of readers you attract. Harness the power of website links and include pictures to make the blogs visually attractive.

Do Use Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing involves sending content to your email list. You can do this by sending newsletters, as well as ads or promotional information that may be relevant to them. It's an excellent way for businesses to stay connected with their customers whilst educating them on new products and services. Email marketing is cost-effective because it only requires a small number of resources. You don't need much more than access to an email account and some time put aside on a regular basis.

Don't just use text in your emails. If you include photos and pictures this will increase engagement, and best of all you should include video links. Don't be afraid to offer freebies, coupons, free trials, and discounts to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletters. Once they've given you their email address (to receive their goodies) you can add it to your marketing list for your future campaigns.

Don't Let Your Landing Page Let You Down

Imagine using Youtube videos, social media posts, blogs, and emails to encourage people to visit your website - only to fall at the last hurdle. Your landing page needs to be designed for the audience you have just attracted. Make sure your website displays good branding and a clear strapline and logo. Don't stuff it full of text, and if you can post a video of you explaining what the site is all about.

Don't have a company website that takes ages to load or that is not user-friendly. The public will be impatient and if they have any of these issues, they'll simply move on. Design your website around your customers rather than your personal preferences, and look at your rivals' pages in case they can teach you anything.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of content marketing do's and don'ts and are keen to take some active steps. Why not get some help from a third-party company and maintain a presence on several social media platforms? Create regular quality output with blogs and newsletters, and make sure you have the best possible website. In turn, your net will be spread widely, and be able to catch an increasing number of fish. You can retain your customers, find new ones and increase your revenue for many years to come.

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