Catchy Design Trends That Can Make Cheap Banners Look Better

Catchy Design Trends That Can Make Cheap Banners Look Better

When you finally have the privilege of starting your own business, you soon discover that the majority of the work goes into keeping the brand alive and memorable. We live in times where nearly every single market is extremely competitive, and this means you have to stay at the top of your game to ensure that you stay relevant. If you have a small business that you want to advertise, putting up colorful banners that can draw your customers’ attention is your best bet. However, vinyl banners can be somewhat expensive, especially if you are going for large ones. Some smart design ideas will not burn a hole in your pocket. To get the best cost-effective and eye-catching banners, try the next few tips.

Use Legible Fonts

You certainly want to catch the eye of whoever ends up seeing your banner, but you should also be careful not to go overboard with crazy, hard-to-read fonts. Using funky or cursive fonts like comic sans may seem like a great idea at first, but it will make your banners look unprofessional and a bit juvenile. Since you do not want your clients to have the wrong idea about your business, you should stick to serif fonts for the best results. Such fonts are very common and easy to read, they can invoke a sense of familiarity or déjà vu, prompting people to try your services.

Utilize Frames

Organizing an event can be an amazing means of inviting potential clients to check out your business. Nonetheless, finding nice-looking, cheap banners for events may prove to be a bit tricky. Of course, you might be tempted to print extremely large banners, but this will just make you go over your budget. You do not need big banners if you know how to use frames to your advantage. To make sure that the text pops out, the color of the frames should contrast with the background of the banner. For example, if the background is white, the frame and text should be black to grab the attention of the people attending the event.

Pick the Right Colors

Not only do the colors of your banners say a lot about your business, but they also invoke different emotions. In fact, color psychology plays a huge role in the buyer's decision process. To give a modern and sleek impression, you should incorporate white into the design. On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of luxury to the banner, opt for dark colors like black. Yellow is also said to make customers sated and inclined to make purchases. In any case, it is better not to add too many contrasting colors because this will make the poster an eyesore. So, stick to two or three colors only.

Make It Waterproof and UV Protected

Natural elements can completely ruin your banners. This is especially the case if you live in an extremely sunny or rainy area. To preserve your banner for longer, you should instruct the supplier to make it waterproof and UV protected. This way, you can ensure that a little rain or sunlight will not damage it. Doing so will also help you eliminate the cost of replacing your banners every few weeks.

Catchy Design Trends That Can Make Cheap Banners Look Better

Vinyl banners are a tried-and-true method of marketing businesses. However, they are not dirt cheap. As you can deduct from the previous points, you do not have to sacrifice the look of your banners to cut costs. By employing these design ideas, your banners will help you attract more clients. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable supplier, or use Roland BN20A to get high-quality posters. Always remember that even in the age of technology, using tried and tested means of advertising still works and will always do so because of their simple yet effective way of reaching the masses. Banners will forever be relevant as long as there are people outdoors and as long as you do it right, you’re bound to get people's attention and have the opportunity to keep on building your company and expanding your brand. 

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