6 Careers You Can Pursue After MBA In Marketing

Careers You Can Pursue After MBA In Marketing

Master of business administration is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. In the early 20th century, the USA was becoming industrialized, and machines were replacing laborers. Therefore, the workers had to develop a different set of skills to help in business management. Universities also started to realize that incorporating science and business practices will equip students with effective management techniques. As corporations expanded, the need for business management experts also increased and the need for an MBA in marketing increased.

Similarly, today many leading experts are identifying marketing as an integral component in business management. Marketing helps you sell products and services. The ultimate goal for every business is to earn a profit, and marketing plays a significant role in that area. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that marketing drives sales for a business. The awareness has led to the development of an MBA in marketing. The program generally revolves around managing brands, understanding consumer needs, and creating appropriate strategies, etc. Hence, the specialized marketing degree would teach you the significance of a marketing strategy in the business world. MBA in marketing will help you in learning, adapting, and ultimately leading diverse business environments.

Moreover, it provides multiple career opportunities in the business sector. Nowadays, in this fast-paced world, people may find it difficult to continue their education while working. However, you can enroll in a marketing online program master of business by searching for institutes that offer this convenience. Additionally, with online study options, you can earn a top-tier degree from any part of the world. 

If you are wondering about the scope of your career after acquiring an MBA degree, here are some options you can pursue. 

1. Research Analyst for the market

Their role revolves around the market. Research analysts are in charge of gathering information related to the market, such as market trends. The data helps in targeting a specific audience, which increases the chances of making a sale. For instance, they will have to conduct market research to help the company decide what packaging to use and how to advertise, etc. 

2. Sales Manager

The sales department has been one of the earliest ones in the business sector. The sales team also needs a leader who will guide, train, and motivate them.  A sales manager’s roles include ensuring that the team makes enough sales and reaches the target. You will have to set goals and quotas for your team. Usually, the managers create sales plans, assign sales territories to their sales representatives and analyze data for greater success. They typically have a basic salary, and the rest are bonuses and incentives based on their overall performance. A sales manager must be highly representable and should possess excellent communication skills. 

3. Brand Manager

They are one of the top-tiers in the marketing department. Most companies require a brand manager to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree in marketing. They must be an expert in market research, consumer behavior as well as analytics. Their job roles include being creative and dynamic. They are responsible for creating brand awareness among the public. Their work is focused on long-term marketing to develop a brand image. They are responsible for increasing brand value through promotions and advertisements of the company's products and services. They define and maintain the brand budget while creating and managing market campaigns. The position of a brand manager is quite powerful as they are responsible for navigating the brand and steering it in the right direction. 

4. Digital Marketing Expert

With the widespread use of social media, digital marketing is also gaining momentum. The most attractive thing about digital marketing is that you can reach a diverse audience with small-scale investments. Therefore, even small and medium scale businesses are willing to invest in a digital marketing expert. One interesting thing about this field is that you may even opt to work from home and for any company worldwide!

5. Public Relations Manager

The role of a public relations manager revolves around the public and the company’s clientele. They are responsible for coordinating all the activities which affect the public, such as a plantation drive. However, it does not mean they do not have to deal with the rest of the team. They need to work with almost all the departments of the company. It helps them develop a media relations strategy to attract more audiences to the company’s products or services. 

6. Marketing Information Personnel

Their job is to accumulate, organize, examine and distribute data. They then share the data with the personnel who are in charge of making marketing decisions. Marketing information personnel usually maintain a marketing information system. 


There are several other options you may choose from when it comes to a career in marketing. Marketing is an essential part of running a business. It plays a pivotal role in attracting clients and making sales. Therefore, companies will always need people skilled in the marketing field to ensure success. With the evolution of technology and digitization, the scope of marketing is far greater than it was previously. Once you've completed your MBA in marketing, the possibilities are endless. 

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