5 Surprising Businesses That Have Grown During the Pandemic

5 Surprising Businesses That Have Grown During the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 crisis, many businesses found themselves in a panic as they didn’t think they would survive. However, on the flip side of this, there are hundreds of small businesses that have grown suddenly through the pandemic. Here are some of the surprising businesses that have blossomed during the last 18 months.

Craft E-Stores

When everyone was placed in lockdown, and bling watching TV became boring, people turned to hobbies to help fill the void that was left from work and going outside. Online craft stores were discovered and they experienced a massive surge of business. Their main draw was their PDF patterns which could be instantly downloaded for a tiny price. It didn’t take long for social media to become filled with cross-stitching projects and knitted blankets. Now, people are hooked on their new hobbies and are showing no signs of ditching them.

Subscription Boxes

Over the last few years, subscription boxes have become more popular. However, the pandemic saw their popularity rise even further. After a couple of shaky months in the beginning when supply chains were being affected, things didn’t look good for the small businesses. However, once these issues were sorted out and the postal service picked up again, subscription boxes flew out of the warehouses. Some small hobby businesses found themselves having to upgrade from the kitchen table to a warehouse with a packaging machine in order to keep up with the demand.

Digital Fitness Clubs

Joe Wicks may have saved the UK from going crazy by providing a PE class for kids online, but there were plenty of others who cashed in. As the gyms shut, gyms instructors had to think fast and many set up online gyms to coach their clients at home via Zoom. Many found themselves able to host classes several times their normal size by doing it online. As well as the classes, they had an opportunity to work on diet plans and coaching sessions for a higher price.  All of these are businesses that have grown and have no ceiling on future growth.

Online Plant Nurseries

If there was one trend that nobody saw coming, it was the plant nurseries. Maybe it was the amount of time that people were spending at home, maybe people were just bored, but people fell in love with plants. These businesses have grown during the pandemic in some incredible ways.  Not only were new green friends ordered for every room in the house, but people also researched exactly how to care for them so they would last longer. Now, there are thriving online plant communities where people trade tips and share advice.


This may or may not be a surprising entry, but tutoring services experienced a massive spike as 2020 went on. These businesses that have grown all found ways to teach online. What may surprise you is the fact that it wasn’t just for kids. Yes, many parents enlisted online tutors to help support their children’s learning. However, many adults too advance of the online services to brush up on their own education and take part in music lessons. Many grown-ups found themselves with free time and the opportunity to learn new skills, including learning to play a musical instrument, and they took advantage of their free time.

That's a wrap on businesses that have grown during the pandemic.  While some industries struggled, others took off and are poised for continued growth.

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