Business Startup Ideas You Can Do From Your Couch

Business Startups Ideas You Can Do From Your Couch

2022 is the year of going into business for yourself. Whether it be because you lost your job back in 2020 or because you decided to quit now. Either way there are plenty of opportunities available to those who seek their own fortune. There are challenges, of course, but the shift to remote work and online service over the past few years is empowering people to start their own business from home. With the proper skills and resources, you too can create a startup using your ideas from the comfort of your couch.

The first question becomes what kind of business to start. There’s no shortage of great startup ideas out there. But, there are also a few things that haven’t been done by someone else. It can seem like all the most profitable ideas have already been done by big companies. While that is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed.

In fact, an established industry might just be the place to start. While there are a lot of food and travel services already out there, you can find a niche that others haven’t. You might be able to zero in on specific needs, thus serving a smaller clientele that’s willing to pay more for the service. You might not go international. But, you can still pay the bills by offering a quality, select service. Here are a few industries where you can pursue a startup in 2022.

Meal Prep Kits

The likes of Blue Apron are advertised all over our favorite podcasts, so it might seem like they're done to death. But the truth is that more and more Americans are ordering out than ever. This is especially true after lockdowns and restaurant closures have been depriving people of their favorite fast foods. Meal prep offers the nutrition of home-cooked meals with the convenience and variety of takeout. They also cater to specialty diets that arise from either health concerns or allergies. Creating a new meal prep service that caters to a specific diet might be the key to your startup ideas success.

Online Gambling

Casino sites and sportsbook apps have seen a ton of profit over the last year. This is because online gambling measures have been passed in more areas of the US. Thus leading to more people betting than ever. With it now being legal in more states, including New York, Michigan, and Arizona, people who didn't gamble before are getting into it. They could use expert opinions on how to best play the slots or pick the right odds for a sports bet.

So one of the startup ideas is to create an informative website. There are many sites that follow gambling and sports, but you could start one that caters to a specific game or team. If you happen to know the strategies of card games like poker or how to best manage a point spread, other people would love to hear your advice. You could charge them directly via a service like Patreon or seek ad revenue.


People are ready to travel again, and there’s money to be made in helping that dream come true. While this might just sound like being a travel agent, this is where the idea of specialization comes in. Rather than trying to book Disney vacations, look into interesting local attractions. Or maybe you could be the go-to travel expert on rock climbing locales.

If planning trips aren’t your thing, you could also look into creating guides for travelers. Run a blog or magazine centered around restaurants that cater to vegans. Or, focus on attractions that are still open during a location’s typical off-season.

Startup ideas don’t have to be groundbreaking or even new. Try thinking of an existing product or service that you wish was better. Then work on offering a way to improve it.

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