Blab Video Streaming And Chat Tool

Blab Video Streaming And Chat Tool

Video streaming apps are rapidly gaining popularity. From Periscope to Meerkat, the opportunity to stream live video and connect it quickly and easily with social media networks has the marketing world all abuzz.

With the growth in use of smartphones, video has jumped to the forefront on apps like Facebook and even Instagram. And livestreaming goes one step farther than recorded video. People love to see who they're talking with. It almost feels like they're with you. Families, friends, and businesses separated by distances have come to rely on tools like Facetime and Skype as a way to maintain close relationships. Now there’s a new tool on the block and this one really seems to have some great potential! It’s a website and app livestreaming free service called Blab (

Blab Video Streaming and Chat Tool


Group Video Chat With Blab

Blab is a video streaming app that allows four people to video chat while an audience watches. The audience is also allowed to make comments and switch places with any of the four people who are chatting. It’s free, simple to use and is available on desktop computers and via a iPhone app.

Here's how it works:

To engage in the chat, sign in with your Twitter account. Your handle and bio from your Twitter account is what a user sees when they click on your name.

Whoever started the chat has control of the conversation and can either accept or deny entry to anyone who tries to enter the “circle of four” live presenters.

The chat can either be recorded or allowed to disappear into the internet once the chat is completed. Saving the chat to watch later could prove to be very useful. The recording is a great free feature for business users to then re-use the video such as uploading to YouTube or Facebook!

Users have the ability to give someone's video chat box "props" (sort of like quick “likes”) and the ability to use emoji’s. “Props” were originally called “Feels” but in the fast changing world of the web that lasted about 2 months before “giving props” became the term to show you dig what someone is saying!

blab 3

Potential Uses For Blab

Blab can be very addictive, which is great considering the many potential uses it has for business and social. Though it's still only available in beta, it has incredible promise.

Blab is an excellent arena for gathering customer opinion and insight. Imagine a live political debate between four candidates, while the audience throws out questions to be answered. Emojis, or "props" can be given to a specific speaker in regards to what they are saying.

On the social front, musical or artistic collaborations would be a snap on Blab!

Engagement on Twitter can be HUGELY amplified. Because Blab has tied itself to Twitter, it's incredibly easy to share links on Twitter to specific video chats. This can make it much easier for a video chat to go viral.

Many of you might be thinking "Can't I do the same sort of thing on Google Hangouts, or on Skype?" Yes, but the great thing about Blab video streaming is it's integrated with Twitter which is a very popular social media network in it’s own right, and the sharing is seamless. Plus, Blab is easy to use.

It can also be a great way to introduce a product, do a demo, offer a free consultation session, or talk about your next big event. Or you could simply have your event on Blab! It takes the personalization trend of the web one step further and businesses need to pay attention. People want to hear from you and know you….the people in the business. It can also be used similar to “live radio”, with marketing opportunities doing company and customer interviews, and for live podcasting!

Since Blab is in beta, many more exciting features could be added. As noted, it is currently available as an app for the iPhone, and it can be used on Android through the Chrome web browser. While there are other apps available for video chatting, this one looks the most promising from a social media and business use standpoint. Try it out; though there are other apps available for video chatting, this one is the most fun and user-friendly.

Schedule your next meeting or drop in on a Blab chat to check it out!

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