Best phone battery life in 2020: The longest lasting smartphones

Best phone battery life in 2020: The longest lasting smartphones

You can’t settle on a smartphone if the battery quality is not up to the mark. You have tried a lot settling for the best smartphone and have done your part of research as well. But that is not all. You need to focus on the phone with the best phone battery life in 2020. With so many features, now a smartphone is serving the purpose of a camera, music player, and what not! With a multitude of features within, it is inevitable that the phone will juice up the battery fast. At this point, if the battery of your selected phone is a powerful beast, you can use the smartphone without worry for long hours. So, let’s check out with the battery backup now.

  • Huawei Mate Xs:

This phone, namely Huawei Mate Xs, has a capacity of4500 mAh and comes with a charging power of 55W wired. Few of you might be considering this phone, but once you start using it, it becomes difficult to find a competitor at this stage. It is one foldable phone with strong battery life. With its massive 8 inches of screen, you can’t ignore the picture-perfect quality of the photos and videos on this device.

Even though the battery is quite powerful, but it is not enormous in its look. This company has worked on some magic to ensure comfortable last of battery for a day of moderate use now. So, if you are looking for a phone solely for its battery, you can always tune in with this device.

  • TCL 10 Pro:

TCL is now in the market of a smartphone with its TCL 10 Pro model. This phone is known for its fast charging feature with 18W charger and a powerful 4500 mAh battery life. So, even after using this phone for long hours, it can still run smoothly for more than one day. When compared to OnePlus 8’s battery or the Realme X2 Pro, this battery backup is at a whole new level. This phone has its AMOLED display and lower-powered chipset, which won’t get crazy bright. So, you have enough reasons to get a hand on this phone now! It is true that intensive use will eat up battery faster, but this 4500 battery is enough to last for a day easily, no matter how rigorously you use your smartphone.

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max:

iPhone is here with its 11 Pro Max model, which has a capacity of 3969 mAh. It has an official best phone batter life of 20 hours of video playback, which is mind-boggling for so many people. If that wasn’t enough, let’s just say that this outstanding model from Apple comes with 18W wired or Qi Wireless options. The battery might seem marginally smaller than juice packs of most of the phones, but Apple ensures that its device goes a long way. It can deliver around 5 hours of more life than its predecessor, which is the iPhone XS Max.

  • OnePlus 8:

When the most promising point here involves battery life, OnePlus 8 is one option for you to consider as well. Officially speaking, it has a full day working ability with a charging power of 30W wired. The battery capacity is 4500 mAh, which is no doubt pretty impressive in this field. This phone is known for its 6.55 inches of screen and 1080 x 2400 large scale resolutions. It does not pack as many pixels as some of the other phones in this list, so that makes it lighter on battery.

  • Samsung Galaxy A70:

With a battery plan of 4500 mAh, Samsung Galaxy A70 has an official life of 24 hours of video playback. It comes with a 25W wired charging power. This phone is pretty easy to overlook, but if you take time to work on its features, you might easily get hooked to this bad boy. The powerful battery will allow you to stretch the life to two days if you are a light user. It even supports fast charging, which is amazing for many people.

So, next time you are looking for the best battery life phone of 2020, you are most welcome to come and review this list. There are many others available in the market, and this list holds a few of them. 


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