Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Futures Prop Firms

You've been trading futures for a while now and feel ready to take your skills to the next level. Maybe you're tired of trading your account and want the backing of a firm. Or perhaps you're looking for a bigger stage to showcase your talents. Whatever the reason, you're researching futures prop firms to find the best opportunity.

Prop firms, or proprietary trading firms, employ traders to trade the firm's capital. As a trader at a prop firm, you have the chance to trade larger sizes and gain valuable experience. The potential to earn a bigger paycheck is there if you can produce consistent profits.

Finding the right prop firm for your needs and skill level is key. This article breaks down some of the best futures prop firms. We look at key details like account minimums, payout structures, and the application process.

Whether you're a new trader looking to turn pro or an experienced trader wanting to move up, you'll find opportunities at these top firms. Read on to discover which firm could be your ticket to the big leagues of futures trading.

Best Future Prop Firms

When it comes to prop firms, you've got options. But some stand out from the crowd.

  • Top Step is probably the best overall, especially if you're an experienced trader looking for a rewarding environment. They offer up to 90% payouts and access to trade over 50 global markets.
  • Earn2Trade is your best bet if you want an education alongside prop trading. They provide video courses, live webinars, and one-on-one mentorship to help you become a funded trader.
  • Elite Trader Funding has a straightforward path to becoming a funded trader. Pass their evaluation, and you'll get an account with up to $150,000 in buying power. It's ideal if you want to get trading without hassle.
  • Take Profit Trader is perfect for beginners. They offer comprehensive education and 24/7 support to help new traders learn the ropes. You'll get guidance every step of the way.
  • Finally, Bulenox is best for a high-profit split and flexible trading. They provide up to 95% payouts and few restrictions on the markets or strategies you can trade. For ambitious traders, the sky's the limit.

With the right prop firm behind you, you'll be trading in no time. Do your research, find the best fit, and get ready to become a funded trader! The opportunities are endless.

Top Step

Top Step Trader is one of the top futures prop firms. They offer aspiring traders the opportunity to become funded through their trading combine.

The concept of the platform is traders can create an account and compete within simulated trials to be the best. Qualified traders can be promoted to funded traders. Traders get funded accounts to trade futures contracts in TopStepTrader's accounts.

TopStep Trader Features

  • No-Fee Trading Platform
  • Alternative Supported Trading Platforms
  • Education and Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Performance Coaching Plan
  • Digital Coaching
  • Community Help

TopStepTrader offers four different membership options for traders trading on simulation accounts. There is also a 14-day free trial. Buying power ranges from $50,000 to $150,000.

Monthly fees are expensive, so only commit to a month or two. That should be long enough to work out if you have what it takes to become a funded trader. If you make it through the combine, the monthly fees for your funded account are covered by Top Step.

The combine has different levels based on your experience and the amount of buying power you need. The rules are straightforward but strict. Follow the rules, meet the profit targets, and keep your losses small; you'll have a shot at becoming a funded futures trader.


Earn2Trade is a proprietary trading firm that provides funded accounts to successful traders who complete their training program. They offer a simulated trading environment where you can develop and practice your trading skills.

Earn2Trade's Trader Career Path program provides education and training to help you become a professional trader. You'll get access to video courses, trading tools, and a simulator to gain experience.

The program has three levels:

  • Free - Learn the basics of trading futures, options, forex, and stocks. Study trading strategies and get familiar with Earn2Trade's trading platform.
  • Trader Career Path - Pay a monthly subscription to Earn2Trade's full educational curriculum and trading simulator. Prove your skills and earn a funded trading account.
  • The Gauntlet - Take Earn2Trade's "mini" combine to win a funded trading account of up to $200,000. You'll get evaluated based on your risk management, win rate, and profit factor. Top traders receive funding and join Earn2Trade's team.

Earn2Trade wants to find and develop top trading talent. Their program allows you to learn from experienced traders, practice your skills, and ultimately earn a job as a professional trader if you can demonstrate consistent profitability. If you have the dedication and discipline to become a trader, Earn2Trade provides a path to make that dream a reality.

Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding offers traders a unique path to potential funding. Their trader-centric approach provides evaluation options and a generous profit split that appeals to day traders, swing traders, and forex traders.

Elite Trader Funding puts traders first. They understand that every trader has different needs and offer customizable trading settings and conditions. Traders can choose their instrument, leverage, account size, and trading style. Elite Trader Funding aims to provide an environment where traders can thrive.

Traders can choose between two evaluation options: a simulated $100,000 account or a live-funded account. The simulated account allows traders to demonstrate their skills with virtual money before moving on to a live-funded account. For funded accounts, traders keep 80% of the profits. If a trader is not approved for funding after their first evaluation, they can try again.

Elite Trader Funding offers one of the most generous profit-splitting arrangements in the industry. Traders approved for funding keep 80% of the profits they generate. This significant percentage, combined with Elite Trader Funding's other benefits, provides a path for traders to potentially achieve financial freedom through trading.

With customizable options, multiple evaluation types, and an 80/20 profit split, Elite Trader Funding is changing the game for prop trading. Their transparent, trader-centric model appeals to novice and seasoned traders seeking an alternative to traditional prop firms. For motivated traders, Elite Trader Funding could be the key to unlocking your potential.

Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader is a prop trading firm dedicated to empowering futures traders. They provide funding and a robust platform to focus on what you do best—trading.

Their platform is straightforward, without any hidden fees or tricks. This allows you to concentrate on executing your trading strategy without distractions. The uncluttered interface and minimal learning curve get you up and running quickly.

  • Account sizes start at $25,000 and go up to $150,000.
  • Pay only a small percentage of your monthly profits, ranging from $150 to $360, depending on your account size.
  • No restrictive contracts—you maintain full control of your trading and can withdraw your funds at any time.

Take Profit Trader's goal is to empower traders to reach their full potential. They offer an extensive education portal with video tutorials, webinars, and a trading glossary to strengthen your skills. Their dedicated support team guides you to help you make the most of their platform and your trading opportunities.

With a transparent model focused on trader success, Take Profit Trader has become a trusted prop firm. Their simple, fair structure gives you the freedom and resources to trade confidently. Take Profit Trader delivers if you're looking for a prop firm that actually wants you to profit.

Take Profit Trader furnishes everything a futures trader needs to thrive—capital, tools, education, and support. Their straightforward model and trader-centric values make them a standout prop firm. If you have the skills, they'll provide the means to achieve your trading goals.


Bulenox is a proprietary trading firm focused on futures that provides funded trader programs to help you excel. They offer accounts from $25,000 up to $250,000 so you can find the right fit for your experience and trading style. The pricing for the different accounts are as follows

  • $25,000 Account: Allows 3 contracts
  • $50,000 Account: Allows 7 contracts
  • $100,000 Account: Allows 12 contracts
  • $150,000 Account: Allows 15 contracts
  • $250,000 Account: Allows 25 contracts

You go through a two-step process to become a funded trader with Bulenox. First, open a Qualification Account to show your skills. If you meet their criteria, you'll move on to a Master Account where you can earn profits from your trading.

With competitive rates, flexible terms, and a range of account sizes, Bulenox provides an excellent platform for anyone interested in trading futures. Their Qualification Account lets you demonstrate your abilities using their capital. Once you move to a Master Account, you can generate profits through your trading.

Bulenox offers an array of account selections to find one suited to your experience and trading style. They provide the means to become a funded trader, giving you a chance to profit from futures trading.

Final Thoughts on The Best Futures Prop Trading Firms

A few key points stand out after reviewing some of the top futures prop trading firms. Look for firms with:

  • Low capital requirements to get started. Some firms require as little as $5,000 to $10,000, allowing you to dip your toe in without too much upfront risk.
  • Generous payouts. The best firms offer 50-80% payouts on your profits. Ensure fees or desk charges are reasonable and don't eat into your earnings.
  • Strong training programs. Look for firms that provide simulated trading, video tutorials, live webinars, and mentorship from experienced traders. This will set you up for success.
  • Flexibility. The top prop firms allow you to trade on your schedule from anywhere. See if the firm offers a mobile-friendly trading platform so you can trade whenever and wherever you like.

Finding the right prop firm is key to success as a futures day trader. Do your research, start with a firm that matches your needs and experience level, and once you prove yourself, you can move up to firms with higher payouts and more advanced tools. The opportunities in this field are endless if you find the right firm to help launch your new career as a professional trader.

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