Earn2Trade Review 2023: Is this Funded Trading Legit?

Earn2Trade Review 2023: Is this Funded Trading Legit

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through social media, trying to find the perfect trading program? Today, we'll be talking about a program called Earn2Trade. This funded trading program promises to take individuals with little to no trading experience and turn them into profitable traders. But does it sound too good to be true?

We'll take a closer look at how it works, what it will cost you, the pros and drawbacks, and a clear picture of whether or not Earn2Trade is worth your time and money. So, grab your favorite coffee, and let's dive into our Earn2Trade review.

What Is Earn2Trade?

The firm was founded in 2016 by a team of fellow traders, educators, and developers with the goal of assisting individuals in getting funded.

Earn2Trade is a recruitment firm and an education provider that aims to help learners learn how to trade. They offer several different 'challenges' that evaluate an investor's trading skills and ability to make consistent profits over a certain period. Once you pass these challenges, Earn2Trade's funded profiles are offered via affiliate trading firms.

But that's not all. Earn2Trade also has an entry-level education course that covers various topics such as different instruments, general market conditions, risk management skills, and technical trading.

All of these things make this platform one of the best funded stock trading accounts you can get your hands on.

How Does Earn2Trade Work?

Earn2Trade sets you up with a series of challenges in assessing your trading abilities. If you pass these challenges, you'll be set up with a funded account from one of its proprietary firm partners Helios Trading Partners and Appius Trading Limited.

These accounts come pre-funded with buying power ranging from $25,000 to $200,000, depending on your chosen initial challenge. And the best part? Any profits you make will be split 80/20 in your favor!

But Earn2Trade doesn't just stop at providing you with a funded account. They also offer a trading platform packed with features to educate and coach you as you tackle the challenges.

These features include video lessons, webinars, trade tracking, customizable chart types, depth of market integration, and much more.

Earn2Trade Pricing 

There are different package options, and the price will depend on your pick.

The Trader Career Path is $120 per month, The Gauntlet is a one-time payment of $429, The lifetime Beginner Crash Course price is $199.20, and The Gauntlet Mini ranges between $150 and $350 per month, depending on the account type.

And here's a little tip, Earn2Trade occasionally offers discount codes, so keep an eye out for those. It could save you some money on your package.

But keep in mind that once you pass the challenge and obtain a funded trading account, you'll have to pay data fees. These fees are charged by the affiliate funding firm and not Earn2Trade. It costs $105.00 per month per exchange. So make sure to factor that in when making your decision.

So, if you've been asking yourself how much does Earn2Trade cost, there you go:

  • The Trader Career Path is priced at $120 per month
  • The Gauntlet, a one-time payment of $429
  • The lifetime Beginner Crash Course, a one-time payment of $199.20
  • The Gauntlet Mini varies between $150 and $350 per month, depending on your account type.

Between, you can sign up for the Earn2Trade gauntlet to see what it brings to the table.

Pros and Cons of Earn2Trade


  • Cooperation with Earn2Trade is possible after paying a $90 subscriber fee.
  • Quality teaching by professional traders.
  • Access to free trading platforms and advanced analytics.
  • Trading opportunities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the world's largest futures exchange.
  • Profits are distributed in favor of the trader with 80%, and the firm whose capital is used in trades gets 20%.
  • Different types of commissions are available through the affiliate program.


  • Limited trading opportunities to futures exchanges only.

Earn2Trade Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to Earn2Trade? Two great options to consider are Topsteptrader and FTMO. For more information on these two options, be sure to check out our FTMO review and Topsteptrader review.

This will give you a deeper understanding of what each one has to offer and help you make an informed decision on which is best for you and your trading goals.

Is Earn2Trade Worth it?

Earn2Trade offers the resources and support you need to get started if you're looking to leap into proprietary trading. They have a wide range of educational tools and practical experience opportunities to help you become a knowledgeable trader in the futures market. They offer everything you need to succeed, from video lessons and webinars to trade tracking and market analysis.

However, it's worth noting that the funded accounts offered by Earn2Trade have a limited starting capital of $200,000 which may be lower than other proprietary trading firms. Earn2Trade's evaluation program is a great way to access a funded account if you're serious about getting into the trading game.

Not only will it guarantee you an account, but the experience and access to their facilities will also help you hone your skills and maximize your potential for success.

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