Elite Trader Funding Review

Elite Trader Funding Review

Traders founded Elite Trader Funding to understand what’s important - flexibility, transparency, and the opportunity to maximize profits. Their model allows you to trade your strategy across different markets and asset classes with limited restrictions.

You’ll have access to the resources experienced traders need, including advanced trading platforms, tools, and 24/7 support. While becoming a funded trader is challenging, Elite Trader Funding provides an attractive opportunity for novice and experienced traders alike to take their skills to the next level.

If you’re willing to put in the work to become a consistently profitable trader, Elite Trader Funding could be a platform worth considering. The potential rewards of their profit-sharing model and access to larger account sizes may outweigh the risks for those able to prove their trading acumen. Here is an overview review of Elite Trader Funding based on the pros and cons and key features.

Who Does Elite Trader Funding Fund?

Elite Trader Funding provides funding for all types of traders, from beginners looking to get started to experienced professionals.

If you're getting into trading, Elite Trader Funding is a great way to gain real experience without putting your money on the line. You can start with a small account to learn the ropes, then work your way up as your skills improve. The profit splits are generous, so you'll keep a big chunk of your earnings.

For seasoned traders, Elite Trader Funding offers high-profit splits and the chance to trade larger accounts. If you've got a proven track record of success, you'll have opportunities to access accounts of $50,000 or more. You'll also have flexibility in when and how often you trade since you're not tied to a rigid schedule.

Elite Trader Funding can work for you whether you prefer swing trading, day trading, or a mix of styles. Their funding model allows you to take advantage of market volatility and trends as you see fit. You can focus on the currencies, commodities, stocks, or other markets that you know best.

How Does Elite Trader Funding Work?

Elite Trader Funding allows traders to access funding by first completing an evaluation. Traders can choose from several evaluation types with specifics like initial balance, maximum trading days, profit target, and drawdown limits.

These evaluations are based on different account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $300,000. Once a trader meets the profit target and trades for at least 5 days without exceeding the maximum drawdown limit, they qualify for funding.

Possibly the most appealing feature of Elite Trader Funding’s model is the profit split. After all, traders keep 80% of all profits after their first $12,500. Additionally, the platform offers an optional evaluation reset fee of $75. Thus, allowing traders to start over if they surpass the maximum drawdown limit.

To begin, you select an evaluation that matches your trading style and experience. Each evaluation has a set period, like 10 to 30 days, to meet the profit target. During this time, you trade with a simulated balance to prove you can trade profitably and manage risks.

What Sets Elite Trader Funding Apart from Other Prop Trading Firms?

Elite Trader Funding stands out from other prop trading firms in several ways.

Trader-Centric Approach

Elite Trader Funding is set up for the trader’s success. They provide retail traders a platform to showcase their trading skills and access startup capital. Their evaluations focus on a trader’s profitability and risk management rather than overly restrictive rules.

Diverse Evaluation Options

Elite Trader Funding offers various evaluation types using different funded trading account sizes. Each evaluation type has unique parameters for profit targets and drawdown limits. Whether you’re looking to trade a $50,000 or $500,000 account, they have an option to suit your needs and experience level.

Generous Profit Split

Elite Trader Funding offers a generous profit split to its traders. After the first $12,500 in profit, traders keep 80%. This is a higher percentage than many other prop firms offer. Thus, the more you earn, the more you keep.

Flexible Trading Conditions

Elite Trader Funding offers very flexible trading conditions. Traders can trade at their preferred times, accommodating a variety of trading styles. As long as you stay within their risk parameters, you can trade as you see fit.

Personalized Support

Based on Elite Trader Funding reviews, the firm provides dedicated support to help its traders succeed. You’ll have a direct line of contact to discuss your evaluation, address any questions, and get guidance specific to your trading plan and needs. Their support team is there to help set you up for success.

Pros and Cons of Elite Trader Funding Based on Elite Trader Funding Reviews

Elite Trader Funding provides an accessible opportunity for new traders to access the capital and resources they need to become consistently profitable. Here are some of the pros and cons of Elite Trader funding based on Elite Trader Funding reviews left by traders.


  • Diverse Evaluation Options: Various evaluation options cater to different trading styles and preferences.
  • Flexible Trading Conditions: Enjoy unrestricted trading hours, allowing you to trade at your convenience.
  • Attractive Profit Split: Earn a generous 80% of profits after surpassing the initial $12,500 milestone.
  • Monthly Evaluation Reset: Benefit from a free monthly evaluation account reset in case of unsuccessful attempts.


  • Complexity for Novice Traders: Novices might find adhering to daily loss limits and maximum drawdown rules challenging.
  • Qualification Requirements: Meeting profit targets and trading days is necessary to qualify for funding, which may present a hurdle for some traders.

Built By Traders for Traders

Elite Trader Funding allows aspiring traders to showcase their skills without risking their own capital. Their trader-centric model and flexible trading conditions are designed to help you gain valuable experience in a live market environment.

While trading involves risk, Elite Trader Funding implements rules to help mitigate major losses, like limiting maximum daily and monthly drawdowns. Their trial period also lets you know how their system and risk management tools work before committing financially. If you are interested in learning more about Elite Trader Funding, click here or use this promo code to get started on your trading journey today.

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