No Evaluation Prop Firms in 2023

No Evaluation Prop Firms in 2023

In the bustling world of trading, many traders find themselves in a bind, grappling with the perennial challenge of securing sufficient capital to amplify their trading pursuits. It's a stumbling block that can confound even the most seasoned and beginner traders. But, have no fear. The answer lies in the existence of proprietary trading firms or, as they're more colloquially known, prop firms. These financial guardians provide traders with the lifeline they desperately need — capital to trade. As a trader, this allows you to widen your trading horizons with the reassurance of zero personal financial risk.

In this article, we'll guide you on the cream of the crop regarding the best no-evaluation prop firms. You'll discover the myriad benefits they offer, gain insights into their platforms, and get an intimate look at the companies behind them.

What is a Prop Firm?

Proprietary trading firms, or prop firms for short, are your partners in trading. They supply traders, like you, with the capital you need to delve into the financial markets. The best part? They shoulder all the financial risk and share the profits with you. It's a win-win situation.

Prop firms like Fidelcrest and City Traders Imperium stand out from the crowd by offering no-evaluation programs. As a trader, you can commence trading with real capital without enduring the traditional evaluation process.

What Does "No Evaluation" Mean in Prop Trading?

The conventional prop trading firm model often has an evaluation or challenge phase. In this phase, as a trader, you must showcase your trading skills and prove your profitability under controlled conditions. It's similar to a proving ground. However, with a no-evaluation prop firm like Funded Trading Plus or The 5ers, you can bypass this stage entirely, starting trading immediately with the firm's capital.

1. Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest has carved out a niche for itself by welcoming a plethora of trading styles. Whether you're a seasoned swing trader or a savvy algorithmic trader, Fidelcrest's platform is designed to support your every trading move. What sets Fidelcrest apart is that it does not mandate an evaluation phase. If you're an experienced trader eager to leap straight into trading, Fidelcrest could be your ideal match. The firm's competitive profit split and diverse tradable financial instruments make it a compelling option for traders looking to optimize their profit targets.

2. Funded Trading Plus

With Funded Trading Plus, you can skip the evaluation phase and dive straight into trading. The platform offers an impressive selection of asset classes, meeting the varied needs of retail traders. With profit sharing of up to 90% and sterling trading conditions, Funded Trading Plus is a reliable choice for traders aiming to take their trading journey to new heights. Plus, access to popular trading platforms ensures Funded Trading Plus elevates the trading experience for its community of traders.

3. The 5ers

The 5ers provide traders with a vibrant platform where they can focus on growing their profit targets from forex pairs. Their no-evaluation program empowers traders with swift access to capital, facilitating immediate trading activities. The 5ers has tailored its platform to meet the unique needs of forex traders. Boasting straightforward rules and a 50/50 profit split, the firm prides itself on offering a speedy and seamless trading experience, cementing its position as a top choice for traders in the forex market.

4. City Traders Imperium

Continuing our journey, let's explore City Traders Imperium, a firm that takes pride in its comprehensive trading conditions. With an extensive array of trading instruments, the platform caters to various trading styles, earning its reputation as a favorite among diverse types of traders. City Traders Imperium stands out by forgoing the evaluation phase, enabling traders to launch their trading journey without delay. Coupled with a competitive profit split and a highly responsive customer service team, City Traders Imperium emerges as an enticing platform for traders seeking a frictionless trading experience.

5. MyForexFunds

MyForexFunds is a prop firm that offers traders instant access to trading, sidestepping the evaluation phase entirely. With a vast selection of tradable assets and a user-friendly platform, MyForexFunds caters to a broad spectrum of trading styles and experience levels. The firm's profit split varies depending on the chosen program, enabling traders to select the one that aligns with their profit objectives. The platform also grants access to various trading platforms, further enhancing the trading experience for its users.


No-evaluation prop firms present a promising alternative for experienced traders eager to dive into trading without the constraints of an evaluation phase. The firms highlighted in this article are among the best futures prop trading firms, offering many benefits that cater to diverse traders' unique needs. Whether you're interested in futures, stocks, or forex trading, these prop firms offer some of the best futures prop trading firms and best-funded stock trading accounts. So, take a leap of faith and embark on your trading journey with the backing of a reputable prop firm.

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