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If you are an experienced affiliate marketer or just starting your way in this business, you probably know that a good knowledge of CPA networks will not be superfluous (it is even obligatory) because the best CPA affiliate networks can make all the difference in your earnings.

So, if you're wondering why it's important, or if you might consider that it won't be useful to you, you're probably going down the wrong path. And now we are going to show you why. 

There are several reasons exactly why you should take a look at CPA affiliate networks. The best networks in this direction firstly offer good payouts, and secondly, have simply thousands of profitable offers These are only general benefits, but it is not enough. So, let's take a closer look at this question and try to find a candidate for the best CPA affiliate network.

What is CPA Marketing?

First of all, let's get to the bottom of the concept of affiliate marketing. Yes, you may probably know everything about this issue, but it's never a bad idea to go over it again or to look at it in more detail.

CPA marketing implies that a company trusts its partner to promote its product. If an affiliate brings a user and that user takes a targeted action, then the affiliate gets paid. That is why this model is called CPA - Cost Per Action. Typically, it is a purchase, but other options are also possible, such as sending an application or installing an app. Depending on the end actions, there are different CPA models:

  • CPS - Cost Per Sale
  • CPL - Cost Per Lead
  • CPO - Cost Per Order
  • CPI - Cost Per Install

The main advantage of the CPA model is the effectiveness: the advertiser pays after he/she gets the desired action, which means they won't waste the marketing budget. The advertiser's partner also has a vested interest in the result - the win-win principle works.

Advantages of CPA Networks

  • A large selection of offers

The top affiliates cover almost all the main niches. In the process of testing, you can find your vertical and get a foothold in it.

  • Advantageous conditions

Rates for most of the offers provide the opportunity to make good money.

  • Useful tools

It's in the affiliate's interest to increase affiliates' income, so they're constantly improving their infrastructure.

  • Protection

In ideal conditions, CPA networks do not block affiliate accounts at the request of advertisers but conduct an independent investigation to find the culprit of the conflict.

  • Extra perks

They cover different goodies, from merch to awesome gifts like electronics and cars.

What is a Webmaster and Affiliate Network?

Let's spend a few more words on the terms because practice shows that most people forget the basics and misunderstand them. 

People or companies who are willing to promote products through an affiliate scheme, know the technology in the terminology of CPA marketing are called "webmasters''. They may own websites, blogs, and forums. Advertising in various systems - in which case they are often called "arbitrageurs".

The advertiser, who wants to promote the product, meets with webmasters on a special platform - CPA-network, it is also called an "affiliate site", "affiliate network", "affiliate program aggregator". An affiliate network is an intermediary between advertisers and traffic providers.

How to Choose a CPA Network?

So, to determine which affiliate network we need, we must specify some particular criteria. According to these aspects, we may identify the best option for ourselves.


The first and probably most important is the reputation of the service with which you plan to work. This criterion is not accidentally in the first place. After a detailed analysis, getting information about the company, and looking at reviews, you will have the right information. So, you can immediately know if it is worth working with this CPA network, and what weaknesses it has.

Quality Сustomer Support

It is very strange to observe the aspect, which concerns customer service at the beginning of the list, but there are reasons for this. It happens that the service is really good and you can be satisfied with everything. But everything changes dramatically when you simply can't wait for an answer from support or wait for a couple of days. If managers are responsive in the personal office and messenger, you can ask them for cases or working bindings, there is every reason to trust your traffic partner.


If there are not many, there is no possibility to choose according to one's preferences. In addition, if the approval rate for most of the offers is very low, it is not worth wasting your time.


In some niches, you can't do without a long check for leads, but if the procedure drags on for a long period of time, it's better to look for another place to monetize traffic.


Well, everything here speaks for itself. If you cooperate with any network, it will surely be great if they give promo codes and free trials to arbitrageurs.

All in all, if everything fits together, then consider that you have found a really good network for yourself. Of course, there are many nuances and personal preferences. But in general, terms, if you analyze the network according to these parameters, the chance of finding the best service increases significantly.

What is the Best Option?

And so, you're still wondering, what is the best CPA affiliate network? You would think, what is the problem? You can just open some top and compare. In general, yes, but we decided to match the criteria that were chosen. We will take a look at such an affiliate network as Everad because it has been showing really good results for a long time. Let's see what this company has to offer us.

  • Payouts up to $42 

Everad is a direct advertiser and works directly with affiliates. It gives us very favorable conditions.

  • High approval rates.
  • Timely payment. 

The company has a very large pool of payment systems and services for fast payments.

  • Highly efficient customer service. 

As for reputation, it speaks for itself. For many years, the company has been operating practically without complaint. You can browse through many independent websites with reviews, but the outraged ones will be very difficult to find.

Everad works on the model of COD (cash-on-delivery), that is, the customer pays for the product at the post office upon receipt. It is this model of payment that causes the greatest confidence among customers. 

And, of course, there is a large number of offers and no delays. This is just what we need. As for nice bonuses, Everad has a lot of friends, and they all give promo codes and free trials to arbitrageurs. Go to "Bonuses and Discounts" and get professional software and consumables at great discounts!


A good CPA network is a combination of favorable conditions for offers and quality service. It is a service where managers try to do everything to increase the income of their affiliates, and the management defends the interests of arbitrageurs before advertisers. At the moment, Everad meets all conditions and criteria to be called not only good, but, perhaps, the best CPA affiliate network.

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