Awesome Recruitment Strategies Your Company Might Be Missing

Recruitment Strategies Your Company Might Be Missing

Today, the job-seeking market has a lot of attractive and competitive job opportunities for skilled job seekers. This means that organizations are working hard to get the best people to work for them and not their competitors. If you make a wrong move, you could end up losing a suitable candidate. Where you will look for new talent and how you will attract them to your company depends on the structure of your organization and your business goals. When looking at recruitment strategies that may work for you, you do not have to reinvent the entire process. Look at strategies that you can incorporate into your existing methods and if there is one that you have been using and has not worked, do away with it. You can also utilize websites for recruiters in your strategy.  The following are some of the best recruitment strategies you can use to get the best people in your team.

1. Give Recruitment Marketing A Chance

Recruitment marketing whereby marketing to individuals you attract, engage, and nurtures them to your company. It is an early stage in acquiring talent. In simple terms, you communicate your employer's values and brands to them, and they get roped in and apply for jobs in your company. If you already have a talent pool, recruitment marketing will help you gain some people on the database as employees. Key features of recruitment marketing borrow heavily from traditional marketing. The personas of the candidates, candidate experience, and employer brand are some features. If you find this complex, you will find this guide to recruitment marketing a great help. Be strategic if you decide to go with recruitment marketing. Get your marketing team on board to make sure you get the best results.

Candidate sourcing strategies that experts use in recruitment marketing include:

  1. Job boards and job postings.
  2. Email nurturing with personalized and automated messages.
  3. Career sites that are mobile optimized.
  4. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Recruiting events such as meetups and career fairs.

2. Create An Employee Referral Program

This program is one of the under-used tools when it comes to recruiting. The companies that use it have reaped enormous rewards and found fantastic talent to work for them. Creating such a program is not expensive or complicated. If it is easy to use and understand, you will find many of your employees referring to people they think would be an excellent fit for your company. Ensure that when an employee refers someone, you keep them up to date with the status of their referral. 

You can also give them recognition and incentives if they refer someone who turns out to be perfect for the job. Incentives can be in the form of cash or extra holiday days. Since the employees already know the organizational culture, they know who will be an excellent fit for the job. Referrals are engaged from the beginning as they know someone in the workplace to show them around, and research shows they stay for longer at an organization as they end up being more productive.

3. A Talent Pool

Recruitment Strategies Your Company Might Be Missing

Many organizations have not heard of talent pools. Those that are aware of it are not using talent pools to maximize their benefits. A talent pool is a database of candidates who previously asked about joining the company and qualified for some positions in the company. It contains information about their potential roles, skills, and how they fit into the culture.

If you have all this information, anytime there is an opening, all you have to do is look for someone in the database which is qualified to fill the position and ask them if they would be interested in the role. Some organizations include their current employees in the talent pool if they show potential for advancement. If an employee furthers their studies, you include them in case senior positions open up.

Some benefits that come with having a talent pool include:

  • They gave passive candidates a chance to stay up to date with news on the company
  • It works as a safety net when looking for candidates
  • It helps reduce the time to find the talent you need
  • It helps plan for your future workforce

Other work recruitment strategies are recruiting students when on campus, social media recruiting, using niche job boards, and even competitions.

Study the recruitment strategies given above, know how they are likely to be implemented in your company and if they will work. Some methods may work for some people and not for others. Therefore, it is crucial not just to copy what other companies are doing. If you find a method that works for you, bring other people in the company on board. After some time, you will see how it impacts your company.

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