Advantages of Using Modular Guardrail Systems

Advantages of Using Modular Guardrail Systems

Using modular guardrail systems in your warehouse can provide numerous benefits. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also durable and resistant to corrosion. In addition, they are cost-effective.


Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution to protect your employees or equipment, modular guardrail systems offer several advantages over traditional, custom solutions. These systems are simple to install and maintain and can be easily swapped out for new ones if damaged parts need to be repaired. Modular systems are ideal for facilities with elevated work surfaces and dangerous equipment. They can also protect trade secrets and other sensitive materials from unauthorized workers. They are also durable and resistant to corrosion. Modular handrail systems are fabricated offsite and assembled on-site, reducing installation time and costs. They are also easier to install than traditional handrails and require no special tools. Depending on the style, a modular system may be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Easy to install

Unlike welded railing systems, modular guardrail systems are affordable and easy to install. This makes them a good choice for a variety of industrial applications. Whether you need to protect employees or provide fall protection, you can find an easy-to-install system that will meet OSHA standards. Aside from the fact that they are easy to install, modular safety rail systems are also easy to repair. This means you won't need extra labor or special tools. All you need is to replace damaged fittings. Modular guardrail systems are durable materials and can handle 200 pounds of force at any point. In addition, they can be custom-built for different size requirements. You can also create a railing that meets ADA standards.

Resistant to corrosion

Choosing suitable materials to prevent corrosion is essential. Choosing the right finish is also vital. Stainless steel is an excellent material for corrosion resistance, as it has high strength and can be polished or brushed. However, it is not stain-proof. Steel is the most durable material for railings but is also the most expensive. This is because the rust that can occur on standard metal guardrails comes most often at the welds. Unlike welded railings, modular guardrail systems do not have welds. This makes them much more resistant to corrosion. In addition, modular guardrail systems are more easily repaired. If one of the fittings becomes damaged, the railing can be easily replaced with a new one. Except for the welds, the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Pre-drilled for floor anchors

Using modular guardrail systems is a great way to save money and ensure a safe and secure barrier in your warehouse. These systems require minimal installation and can be used in any industrial environment. However, when choosing the right system for your application, there are a few factors to consider. For example, you will need several heavy-duty anchors to attach the rails to the floor. Cast-in anchors may be the best choice if your project is enormous. However, cast-in anchors are installed in concrete and require more precision when placing. Another option is to use chemical anchors. These anchors fix themselves to the concrete by injecting a chemical adhesive. These anchors are powerful and can handle large loads. However, they require more time to cure. They also need to be adequately cleaned.

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