A Guide To Engage And Connect With Remote Employees

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The corporate world took a 180-degree turn as the pandemic hit all across the globe in the initial months of 2020. Conference rooms turned into video conferencing platforms, and walks to the colleague’s table turned into online communication channels. Basically, remote working became the way to go. With challenges and benefits, a plan is needed.  Here is a guide to engage and connect with remote employees.

Remote working has had both positive and negative impacts on the employees. A few of the major challenges that many managers, HRs, and employers face is the lack of communication and keeping the employees motivated. As remote working became the real deal, the work pressure on employees only seemed to increase. Or as they saw it. 

Many started feeling distant from the organization which hampered their productivity and willingness to stay with the organization. To take care of the situation before it got out of control, many came up with solutions to keep the employees engaged and connected as they work remotely. 

In this article, you can read about these ways in which you can ensure your employees sustain the organization and are motivated to perform better in their jobs. 

  • Host training at regular intervals

One thing that can help employees retain in an organization is their growth. If they learn about their growth opportunities, they tend to get more interested. Consider hosting various training sessions for the same. Make sure you host a session that is engaging and interesting enough for employees to get attracted. 

Try using a learning management system for the same. A learning management system is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create and execute training programs for employees. You can maybe use gamification tools to add the touch of fun and healthy competition among employees such as leaderboards or pointers, as per your budget. It is best to choose the LMS as per their pricing model and what fits your budget. 

Coassemble is an LMS that is worth every penny spent. The Coassemble pricing model is subscription-based. This means that you can pay a fixed lump sum amount annually. Set your goals and invest in an LMS that aligns best with your objectives.  It can truly be a key way to engage and connect with remote employees.

  • Arrange a virtual break 

One thing that every employee misses about his or her organization is the coffee break with their colleagues or having lunch at their favorite spot. There are many memories that employees make during these breaks. 

To make remote working fun and help employees bond even from a distance, you can consider hosting virtual breaks for employees. It could either just be an evening beverage break, a long lunch break, or even an informal work-discussion over food break. 

You can encourage each of your employees to sit with their drinks or food and indulge in informal conversation. Or you can also encourage them to indulge in a brainstorming session as they grab a bite or two. 

This break can do wonders for their productivity and consequently, help your organization reach its pre-established goals and objectives. 

  • Improve your internal communication 

Communication is the key to make it work. When you are all working from different parts of the country or even the world, it is efficient communication that can help you ensure your organization is running smoothly. 

This is why it is best to focus on and improve your internal communication strategy. Employers should invest in various communication tools so that there are no barriers when it comes to communication to engage and connect with remote employees. 

Moreover, managers and employers should regularly check in with their employees. Ask them for their feedback, learn about what issues they are facing, and take the necessary steps that are needed to rectify them. Effective communication can take your organization a long way. 


Keeping employees engaged and connected during remote working is surely a challenge but it can easily be tackled. Thanks to several tools and technology that are now available, remote working is doable and can be successful.  What will you to today from this guide to engage and connect with remote employees?