8 Moving Tips When You Work From Home

Working from home gives you the freedom to set your work hours as you handle other home responsibilities, such as taking care of young kids and house chores. You can almost live anywhere you want and not have to deal with all the distractions of a work environment.

If you want to move from your current home, you must ensure the process doesn't interfere with your work commitments or inconvenience your clients and business stakeholders. Here are some tips to make the move go smoothly.

Moving Tips When You Work From Home

Pick Appropriate Movers

One of the Top Ten Most Important Moving Tips is to hire movers. Expert movers such as MoveDay Movers protect your valuables and ensure the process takes as minimal time as possible with few interruptions to your schedule. You need your items professionally packed, labeled, and shipped to the destination quickly. Doing so enables you to get back to your work routine more quickly.

Consider Your Clients’ Needs

As you plan out the move, prioritize clients' demands and preferences. Do you need to communicate the new address, hours of operation, or other contact information?

What about your website and email addresses? Make all the necessary changes on time, enabling customers to continue interacting with you conveniently and without interruptions.

Also, note your clients may experience a temporary disruption as you carry out your move.  Inform them in advance of the expected disruption and give them a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to resolve any issues.

Pack Work Essentials Separately

You don't want to waste time unpacking or figuring out where your work gear is once you get to your new house. Packing all you need to set up your workstation enables you to get back to work quickly.  It should include your computer, printer, phone, office supplies, and anything else you may need for the job.

Put Aside Items You No Longer Need

Before moving out, declutter your home office. Do you have outdated, broken-down equipment, or items you no longer use? Sell, put them in a storage unit or donate them, making room for what you need. Decluttering also makes your office space neat, professional, and easier to work in.

Create a Moving Timeline

A timeline gives you an idea of what to do and when. It also enables coordination with your movers, clients, and other stakeholders. Include important dates such as the date you want to move, when to start and finish packing, and when the move should take place. Make note of essential milestones and deadlines you need to meet along the way.

Plan the Move When Your Work Schedule Is Less Demanding

Planning to move when work is slow, you have fewer clients, or your projects are complete gives you ample time to focus on the details of the move. You don't want to inconvenience clients or have too many responsibilities or tasks on your mind, as this can lead to mistakes and burnout.

Alternatively, you can take a few days off to focus on the move then get back to work when you are unpacked and settled in. Another option is to delegate some of your responsibilities to your co-workers or employees.

Back Up Your Work

Although you'll avoid many accidents and incidents by hiring a professional moving company, backing up your work is still necessary. Anything can happen during the move, so you want to ensure your data is secure and accessible from any location.

Make Sure a Workplace Is Already Set Up Before the Move

Don't wait until you move to set up a workstation. Determine what tools and equipment you will need to be productive and make plans to have it in place as soon as possible. You might even consider reserving a cubicle or office in a different location for a short time. Don’t forget to set up your Wi-Fi, and have your devices charged and ready for work.

Take Time To Adjust

Moving can be physically and emotionally demanding. Give yourself some time to adjust, especially if you're moving a long distance.

Getting used to the new environment and finding your way around can take a few days. Slow down your work schedule by working fewer hours initially to ease into the new routine.

Have Fun

With these tips in mind, you can move quickly without disrupting your work schedule. Enjoy the process and take some time to relax and explore the new location once settled in. Contact a removals specialist like White and Company for invaluable help and advice on moving home, wherever you plan to go.

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