8 Link Building Ideas For 2021

8 link building ideas for 2021 If you have a company and you haven’t created a digital marketing campaign yet, you’re definitely missing out on reaching your target audience and, ultimately, increasing sales through the Web. There’s intense competition in the business world today, so boosting your visibility to potential customers is a must.  One way to increase your reach is through link building and in this post we give you 8 great link building ideas.

Most consumers are tethered to their phones or computers these days. They utilize these devices to search for solutions to their queries, which include finding the best products that can help them improve the quality of their lives.

One of the best ways to boost your online presence is to position your website at the forefront of the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can accomplish this goal through link building. This digital marketing strategy entails acquiring backlinks, which are links from external websites that direct web users into your domain.

The process seems remarkably simple, but, still, it requires time, effort, and money to make it successful. Plus, as with any other digital marketing campaign, you should focus on quality and avoid shortcuts so that you don’t get penalized by search engines. These platforms focus on delivering the best results to web users, and they frown upon manipulative tactics just to increase traffic to your website.

If you want to start or enhance your link building campaign, here are a few ideas that can help you out for 2021:

1. Look For Evergreen Topics In Your Niche

Evergreen topics are the subject matters in your niche that are always relevant to your target audience. For instance, in the health and fitness industry, web users continue to search for ways on how to lose weight properly. In the same way, people interested in beauty and makeup will continue to look for anti-aging techniques, as well as products.

You can use search engines to figure out evergreen topics that you can write about in your blog. Just make a list of the popular themes in your industry and do a quick search for them. Then, when you see posts that have been published recently, that particular subject is considered evergreen.

Here are a few content formats that work well for evergreen topics:

  • How-To Posts - Tutorials, whether written or video, are attractive to web users because there will always be people who want to learn a new skill or repair things by themselves. Plus, if you can provide a more efficient way of doing an activity, you can become a definitive source for a particular topic.
  • Origin Stories - Blog posts about the history of a person, company, place, event, or even an ap are captivating for web users who are deeply interested in a specific niche. The best thing about this type of format is that it helps establish your expertise on this subject, which can cement your reputation as an authority figure in your industry.
  • In-Depth Guides - Writing encyclopedic or informational posts is also ideal when combined with evergreen content. This is because you can create an ultimate source of knowledge for beginners and even experts regarding a specific topic.
  • Top Tips - Everyone is always looking for ways to improve how they do things. Providing them with top tips can encourage more of your target audience to notice your blog.
  • Industry FAQs - Another way to become a definitive source of information is to collate the frequently asked questions (FAQs) in your niche and publish your answers to them. You can even add internal links to relevant blog posts in each item if you’ve already written about it extensively.

2. Continue Creating Awesome Content

High-quality content remains to be one of the crucial SEO ranking factors 2021. After all, you need something to attract prospective backlink sources to your blog. The amount of effort you put into your blog posts is directly correlated to the success of your link building campaign.

First, when it comes to article writing, you have to make sure that you’re going to be discussing a subject that you really know a lot about. This is one of the best ways that you can make your content look professional. This is especially important if you want to ensure that you’ll be getting results out of your articles. The more information that you have on your website, the better off you’re going to be.

Another great way to make sure that you’re always on top of the SERPs for relevant queries is by learning as much as you can about your target market. You need to know what they’re looking for in their web pages and their blogs. This way, you’ll be able to use the information that you gather to write about these things. Once you do this, you’ll be able to produce articles that aren’t only useful, but are also going to be extremely interesting to your readers.

3. Invest In Producing Various Media Formats

While content continues to be essential for your blog, web users’ preferences have also evolved. You have to incorporate various forms of media if you want to capture and retain your target audience’s attention. It’s no longer enough to just put a block of text on your blog, no matter how well you’ve created that piece. Ideally, you have to include images and videos to supplement your written content.

Video, in particular, is the format of choice by most consumers. The primary reason that video interests web users is that it allows the viewer to become immersed in the story. If someone is looking for relevant information on the World Wide Web, they'll definitely appreciate how interactive a video can be.

Plus, if your video seems to offer some sort of entertainment value, or, at least, makes the user want to keep watching, then, it's a great motivation for them to share the video with others. For example, if the video is funny or entertaining, people will be more likely to visit your website even if they’re not particularly interested in the content that the video offers.

Another compelling content format and one of the best link building ideas is infographics, which consist of images and text. These visual elements work together for a concise rendering of your topic. The best thing about infographics is that they’re easy to read and allow you to present facts in an appealing way.

4. Conduct Original Research

You may be having a challenge in coming up with topics that you can write about, especially since it seems as if there’s an article about virtually every subject under the sun. Nonetheless, you can still create original content by conducting your own research. Surveys are the easiest tools to gain and provide valuable insights for your industry.

If you already have a steady set of readers on your blog, you can use them as a sample set for your target audience and gather their feedback. The data you collect not only helps you understand the buying habits of potential customers, but it’ll also give you an idea of the useful trends in your niche based on the answers of your participants.

Make sure that you collate the ideas and turn them into content that readers would understand. Stay away from jargon or, if you must, explain them in an understandable manner. Moreover, you can even divide the results into bite-size pieces so that you can produce several articles from just a single survey.

5. Send A Testimonial

You may be using relevant tools and software in your industry. If so, sending a testimonial to these brands can help your link building campaign by incorporating a backlink to your website.

Typically, you write about your experience with a company’s products and services. Then, you can insert one link to your domain, whether it’s to your homepage or About Us page. Of course, the final decision to include the hyperlink would depend on the brand, but it never hurts to try, especially if you have an authentic positive experience with them.

6. Improve Your Cold Outreach Strategy

Link building involves reaching out to potential backlink sources in the hopes that they’ll publish your hyperlink in their content. You may already be doing cold email outreach, but wondering why it’s not giving you a great conversion rate.

A possible reason for this is that the digital world is already saturated with cold emails. Bloggers and site administrators probably receive hundreds of outreach messages daily. You don’t want your guest post pitch to be automatically redirected to the spam folder.

To improve your outreach strategy, you should approach the campaign like a sniper instead of someone who wields a machine gun. The latter would be the quintessential cold email sender, who’d distribute their backlink proposal in bulk and hope for the best. Instead, you should be a sniper and shoot an email to websites that are related to your niche and those that have high domain authority. These sites can pass on their link juice to your blog and help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. 

After reaching out to them and not receiving a response after a few days, you can send a follow-up email to ask for an update on your pitch. Of course, you should be careful about your words and make sure that you don’t come off as impatient or arrogant. Additionally, make sure that you personalize your email content to increase the chance that your link will be published.

7. Give Your Best When Writing Guest Posts

As mentioned above, content is still king in today’s SEO landscape, which is why you have to produce excellent blog posts to capture the interest of your target audience. When writing guest posts, however, you have to make sure that you put your best foot forward since your content will be published on someone else’s site.

With this, you have to invest a significant amount of time and effort into the guest post. You should also research topics that will resonate with the publishing blog’s readers and find a way to incorporate your link seamlessly.

Here are some tips to help you produce the best guest post:

  • Always write from scratch - The only thing worse than submitting poorly written content is copying something that already exists on your site. Doing this can have an adverse impact not only on your SEO, but on the publishing site’s as well.
  • Check the publishing guidelines - You have to follow the publishing guidelines of a potential backlink source. If you don’t, your guest post will likely not be published. More than that, however, you’re showing the blog owner that you don’t care about their standards. It also implies that you’re only after your own gain instead of benefiting the entire industry.
  • Be mindful of the number of links - Aside from ensuring that your links are placed in the right context in the content, you should also limit the number of links that you incorporate in the blog post. Just stick to one or two links and, if you can, find relevant internal articles.
  • Get involved in the community - Before writing your guest post, it’s a great idea to immerse yourself in the blog’s community first. Follow them and read their published posts so that you’ll know the editorial style that appeals to their subscribers. You can also participate in the comments section and forums.

8 link building ideas for 2021

8. Find Link Roundups

Link roundups are pieces of content that are curated to feature the best blog posts published for a particular industry. Their schedule can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Think of them as a newsletter, but featuring articles from various sources.  It's one of the more valued great link building ideas to help you get a link on a high DA site.

There are platforms that are dedicated to introducing web users to new domains for their niche of interest. Link roundups are excellent backlink opportunities. Your best tool to increase your chances of being featured in one is high-quality content.  Checking out key resources will be important to help you learn and then take action on ways to get backlinks and partner with others.

Final Words

If you have a business blog, you should be thinking about these link building ideas and working on your link building campaign to increase your visibility to your target audience. The best thing that you can do is to look for evergreen topics and produce excellent content, whether in video or infographic format, consistently. 

You can also try conducting original research on and writing testimonials to brands that you support. Lastly, improve your email outreach strategy and find backlink opportunities through guest posting, as well as link roundups.

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