7 Tips to Get Started on Social Media Marketing Videos Today

Social Media Marketing Video

Ever heard people say social media and video content are the future of marketing?

They're only half-way right. The truth is, they're already rocking the world today! Don't waste time and start making compelling social media marketing videos!

Not sure where to start or which factors to consider when making online video content? Don't fret, we've got 7 tips to get you started. Read on below to learn more:

1. Tell a Compelling Story

Hoping your social media marketing videos will grow viral and increase conversions? The first step to achieve this is to tell a good narrative. A compelling story will keep audiences glued to the screen from start to end.

That said, don't waste time. You don't want a video that stretches scenes on longer than they have to. Each second counts so avoid making videos where every other scene is nothing but a cliffhanger to the next one.

Hire a good scriptwriter, editor, and storyboard artist to work with your marketing consultant. They should work together to tell a good story while also hitting all the important marketing cues.

2. Don't Waste Time

Trying to advertise an alternative VLC media player for Mac? Get straight to the point and start showcasing the media players on the list within the first ten seconds. Dilly-dallying can annoy people and they might quit watching before getting to the juicy portion!

If possible, keep videos shorter than a minute. 30 seconds is the golden standard. You can stretch this up to 90 seconds if you have a lot of information to share.

Do you plan to produce a much longer video? If you do, go back to tip #1 and tell a good story. A good narrative that informs and entertains can keep audiences engaged despite a longer running time.

3. Inform and Entertain

Your videos should achieve two main goals: they should inform viewers about your product or service and they should entertain.

Entertaining videos have a higher chance of grabbing attention and getting shared on social media, increasing word-of-mouth marketing. Informative videos get people to act, like availing of a promo, signing up for newsletters, or purchasing a product on your eCommerce site.

Launching a 5-day sale for Christmas? Make an exciting, engaging video to hook viewers in but make sure all the dazzling effects don't muddle the information. Once you got people watching and they understand the content, they'll likely click on a link in the video description to take advantage of that Christmas sale.

4. Encourage Engagement

Ever seen videos on YouTube where the content creator actively asks for viewers to like, share, and subscribe? That's an important step and you should do the same, even for marketing videos on Facebook or Instagram!

Make it a point to include a segment asking viewers to click on the link in the video description, especially if it leads to your main landing pages. Tell them where it takes them: they should know if the link leads to a subscription page, a product page, or contact page.

Don't forget to ask viewers to like and share the video. Keep in mind that it's all about social engagement, so sharing marketing videos to their friends on Facebook is a good way to increase exposure.

If you can, launch a hashtag campaign with the video. Try to get the hashtag trending since this can make your video viral.

5. Take Advantage of Video Descriptions

Your video description isn't something to ignore. It's a preview of the content of the video. Use it to your advantage and get people hooked with the few characters allotted for video descriptions.

How to make good video descriptions?

Your first goal is to make sure you inform people about the video content. If your video is about a limited-period promo, make sure you clarify that in the description.

The next goal is to hook audiences and make them want to watch the video. This sometimes means leaving some details out. Taking the example above, inform people that you have a limited-period promo but don't give out the details of the promo or what items you included for the deal. They'll have to watch the video to learn more.

6. Different Video Formats

In today's world, you need to produce videos in 1080p HD resolution. This is the bare minimum. Anything below that looks unprofessional and won't look great on a bigger monitor or TV.

Some argue that most people go on social media on their phones. That's not an excuse! Keep in mind that many phones now offer 1080p or even 4k resolution screens.

Don't stop there. Get creative with your marketing videos. Try making 360-degree videos, AR videos, or explainer videos with excellent art and voice-over work.

7. Plan and Track

Like any business activity, make sure you have a solid marketing plan with metrics you can track. That said, prioritize metrics that directly correlate to profit. This means you should spend more time checking metrics like cost-per-conversion and conversions-per-view instead of shares and likes.

Getting more shares and likes is important but they don't immediately lead to revenue. They are important for gauging social media presence and reach.

You know you're sitting on a gold mine when your social media marketing videos gain thousands of views, shares, and likes while also producing profitable results. It means people love the video and it's getting people to purchase or subscribe.

Craft the Best Social Media Marketing Videos!

Don't wait, start creating effective social media marketing videos now! These short but sweet videos could help boost brand awareness, sales, and audience engagement. You simply need to know what you're doing and these tips can walk you through the process.

That said, great videos are only the start. If you want to get the most out of your marketing campaign, take a moment to read our other guides here. We offer a ton of useful tips to help you succeed.


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