7 New Technologies That Will Improve Your Business Process and Management


There have been many new technologies breaking through over the years, and these advancements tend to aid many different industries in the business world. Increasing productivity levels, saving time, and decreasing extra expenses and manpower are just a few examples. So many opportunities await companies that take advantage of the different advanced means of operating. The introduction of advanced technologies, namely an integrated company resource management or employee management system, can rightly be called a strategic management decision. All internal tools (from marketing to sales) lead to global changes in the company and the benefits it brings to customers. Read more at In this article, we’ve outlined 7 of the most important new technologies that can improve your business dramatically.

It Has Changed Things

Technology has graced the business world with many different useful apps, systems, and programs that can assist anyone with communication, accounting, financing, management, and much more. Because everyone in the business world owns a smartphone and has a working laptop or desktop, they can operate and work much more efficiently. Mobile applications are considered one of the most useful new technologies in the business world, and business software has become an integral part of a company’s success.

They have affected the way every industry handles its daily activities, and it's responsible for making it all run smoother and much more efficiently. There are applications called enterprise apps that are specifically designed to assist every company in different ways that suit their needs, and there are robotics and AI-based software that automate several important processes. And although they may be expensive, they all help businesses achieve their goals by making things run quicker. So, in the end, they’re definitely worth every penny spent.

1. Credit Card Reader App

Now, you can get an app that serves as a credit card reader, saving time when you don't need to physically invoice or use a real register. Gone are the days when you need to carry money around or keep physical binders of transactions or invoices. You can also send digital receipts to customers. Also, it can help you track inventory, check your sales history, and give out digital discount coupons to customers. This app can simplify things immensely, making your processes and procedures much easier to handle.

2. Timesheet Systems

Timesheet application software has become a saving grace for a lot of companies today. It's crucial for understanding the different reports coming in about everything related to your employees. When you make use of these templates, you will be able to track everything and know when it happened. Whether you want to know an employee's working hours, when they clocked in and out, their accurate payroll, personal requests, staff on leaves of absence, approvals by the supervising staff, receipts, mileage expenses, or other useful information given, you’ll get them all with the most accurate and correct time frame.

3. Communication App

Ever had one of those days where phone connections are just terrible? With a communication app, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. One of my favorite communication apps is Talkroute. Talkroute is a business virtual phone system that gives you the ability to make & receive calls from any desktop, browser, or smartphone. With Talkroute, you can text your customers, make business calls, and host video meetings with your team — all in one app. You can try out their system for 7 days free here.

To make your communication even more effective and professional you can pair it with a noise cancelling software for pc to make sure that all the distracting background noises and echo stay out of your online communication. You can pair it with any communication app and use it for bi-directional noise removal that works both on your side and on the other speaking party's side.

4. Cloud-based Solutions

This is a shared computing infrastructure that helps staff members hand in and submit important documentation. Employees have the opportunity to add in time cards, expense reports, requests for information (RFIs), work records, and other important documentation. This can save you and your business a tremendous amount of time every year, automating all data entry and organizing important files accordingly without the hassle of going through physical paperwork. Everything can be stored on a secure network or within a log management solution (such as this one from, and all of it is accessible with a working internet connection or Wi-Fi.  This is a game-changer for improving time management.

5. Finance and Accounting App

Another app that can prove useful to your business are finance and accounting apps. They help with employee payrolls, company taxes, employee onboarding forms, and much more. If you want to send your employees digital pay stubs via email, you can do so with these handy applications. Filing tax forms and making automatic deductions for all staff benefits can be done with ease, and it can show you the monthly earnings and paychecks of every single staff member and when they will get it. It makes some of the annoying paperwork processes a lot easier to see and manage.

6. Rapid Prototyping

New technologies

This is a very helpful type of technology that can test different products in the physical and digital trial stages. It has five major types for prototyping; 3D printing, Stereolithography, additive manufacturing, selective laser sintering, and software rapid application development. These new technologies can help you save a lot of money and time when it comes to the product's final phase; you have opportunities to modify and change anything wrong with the result before the real one is even made. So, you’ve basically saved a lot of money and helped make the product look and operate better. Also, you have ways to show your investors or business executives how the product would look like and how it would operate, allowing them to give you feedback on how to improve things.

7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This type of system program automates everything and has been a vital addition for many companies since its conception, as well as a key to some of their successes. RPA has the AI capabilities to handle tasks like record search, analyzing, calculations, query writing, transactions, setups, and many more. In every company. There are many tasks that can be extremely repetitive and redundant over time, and these new technologies can help complete them all quickly and efficiently, giving your employees a chance to focus on other important matters and become more productive.

For the sake of your company’s growth and lifespan, it would be prudent to utilize everything that technology has to offer. Whether it’s different apps, systems, or programs, you will see a major difference in profits, exposure, and rankings in your business. So you should be the ultimate opportunist, and integrate different technological tools that can take your business to the next level.

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