7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Better Connect with Leads

7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Better Connect with Leads

Every digital marketing strategy aims to drive new leads that eventually become clients or customers. Even though building a solid digital presence is a perfect way to reach your target audience, you need to maximize every opportunity in your marketing efforts to convert those site visitors into leads. In this article, we will cover the seven best digital marketing strategies to better connect with leads.

Know Your Current Lead Types

One of the best steps to results based digital marketing is to meet with your sales and marketing teams to highlight why your current strategy isn’t working. Since your sales teams interact most with different lead types, they can provide you with good feedback. They know where there are quality leads and which areas to exert more effort to generate customers. Ensure that you cover these four lead types in your new strategy:

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – The lead type intentionally develops an interest in the brand based on previous marketing efforts. However, has not been in contact with the business yet.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – This lead type shows interest in your products and services and is ready to get in touch with your sales team directly.
  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL) – This lead has prior experience with your brand and knows the value of your products or services. Thus, the chances of them making a purchase decision are high.
  • Service Qualified Lead (SQL) – SQL refers to a potential customer who has contacted your customer service team member. Thus, is ready to discuss your services or products.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms are perfect places to form relationships. They allow you to interact with the online audience, and generate leads by constantly sharing content that adds value. While LinkedIn stands out as an ideal place to establish your B2B lead generation strategies, Instagram can come in handy with your B2H.

You may also record podcasts and short content videos and share them on your social media platforms. Focus especially on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Another alternative is to talk to bloggers or influencers who can advertise your services and products, generating more leads.

Optimize Your Website

Since the website is where you drive the traffic, you should ensure it functions properly. Apply all the lead generation ideas you want and retest. Factors like developing a helpful user interface, solving loading errors, and improving the website's loading speed will go a long way in improving how you connect with leads.

You need to optimize all your pages for SEO to increase your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Since SEO is technical, you should seek help from a digital marketing agency. With their extensive expertise and tools, they can scan through your website to identify SEO errors and provide recommendations.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

It would help if you made your website easily accessible to all devices. You might lose an opportunity to attract traffic from millions of mobile device users if your website is not functioning or loading correctly on a smartphone. Find a way to optimize your website for a seamless experience on mobile devices. A good starting point would be to conduct a full website scan. This identifies those areas that aren’t mobile-friendly. Then, let your front-end web developer design a responsive and mobile-friendly website for you.

Use a Digital CRM System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system will let you organize and store all your customer data in one place. It also streamlines communication, enabling all the employees to understand what's happening in your business quickly.

With its accessible demographics and customer metrics, you can easily track your workflows and campaigns to ensure smooth lead nurturing. The platform also allows you to use personalized automatic emails to follow up on various lead types and connect.

There are numerous free CRM software platforms to try out, including HubSpot. You will undoubtedly benefit from a fully packed dashboard with an array of tools for campaign tracking, blog optimization, and email marketing.

Provide a Value Exchange or offers

Whether you are offering a discount or a free consultation as your lead magnet, you can easily convince interested users to engage further with you. If you want your leads to give you valuable information or other details, offer them a value pack in return. It can be a whitepaper, industry tips, a coupon, a resource sheet, an eBook, a case study, or any other offer specific to your business. This can motivate customers to submit their contact details for you to get back at them or show some interest.

Make Maximum Use of Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the best lead generation strategies when it comes to effectiveness. You can start by creating a targeted email list of potential customers and sharing emails with them. The initial step to this goes back to the website, where you can offer a value pack in exchange for the visitor's email address. Email marketing lets you initiate conversations with customers and update them about your offers or new products in stock.

Lead generation is not a one-day event but a process that requires proper planning, strategizing, and, most importantly, execution. In all you do, never stop learning and consult widely with your digital marketing agency to better connect with leads.

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