6 Steps To Complete When Buying a Taken Domain Name

steps to take when buying a taken domain name

When building a website, it's vital to secure a domain name. A domain name is, essentially, what users type into the browser in order to reach your site. Since this name provides an address for your website, it's essential that you have the right one. Unfortunately, your preferred domain name may already be taken. If this is the case, you don't necessarily need to choose a new one. For information on how to proceed, here are six steps to complete when buying a taken domain name.

1. Investigate the Site

The first thing you'll need to do is visit the actual site. Look up the domain name you want and do some investigating. If the domain is free, then you can simply buy it. If not, you'll want to take a look at the actual site. Look for signs of updates and general usage. For instance, a blog website should have recent posts. If it seems like the site has been abandoned, you may be in luck. This means that the owner is more likely to negotiate with domain broker services.

2. Locate the Owner

One of the most important steps in this process is finding the current owner. If you're lucky, the domain name may have a website with contact information. If that isn't available, don't worry. Look for a domain name registrar. These sites allow users to find information regarding domain name owners. Usually, this information contains ways to contact the owner. Once you have the proper contact information, you'll need to initiate a conversation.

3. Converse With the Owner

Starting a conversation with the current domain name owner is vital. This dialogue may give you a better sense of how willing the owner is to sell. Therefore, you should try to avoid shying away from this contact. If the answer is no, then no harm is done. If it's a maybe or a yes, then you have somewhere to go. Be sure that any and all contact is polite, as well as professional. If you seem rude or antagonistic, the owner is less likely to negotiate with you.

4. Consider the Domain's Value

Once you've had a conversation with the current owner, you'll want to take a step back and consider the domain again. How much do you really want it? How valuable is it? Start this consideration by analyzing the name's widespread appeal. If the name has often-used keywords or basic terms in it, then it's more likely to come up on search engines. You should also consider how short and simple the words are. Essentially, a domain name that's easy to remember has more value.

5. Create a Price Range

Next, you'll want to start considering prices. This process is a negotiation, so you'll need to know how much you want to pay. Be sure to do some research regarding acceptable prices. Start by finding the prices for similar domain names. You can also ask experts whether your estimates are on track. Since the current owner may not have a similar price in mind, it would be wise to create upper and lower limits for your range. Doing so allows you to set clear boundaries during the negotiation.

6. Discuss the Price

The last step in this process is deciding on a price. In general, be sure to avoid overpaying for the name. While it can be tempting to agree with the current owner wholeheartedly, especially since the individual is seemingly doing you a favor, you don't want to lose money unnecessarily. Consider consulting experts to ensure that the proposed price is reasonable.

The right domain name can be a substantial boon for your website. If you find the perfect one, don't give up on it too easily.  Follow this guide of the steps to take when buying a taken domain name.

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