5 Ways An 800 Number Service Can Benefit Your Business

5 ways an 800 number service can benefit your business

In this modern world, most businesses are searching for efficient and better ways to engage and connect with their customers. All businesses require a phone number to operate, regardless of whether you have an online store or a brick-and-mortar shop.  Now may be the time to consider the ways an 800 number service can benefit your business.

These days, it’s all about telemarketing. This is the reason why you need to have a telemarketing strategy. With this, you can seamlessly offer services to your customers and establish a trustworthy brand.

Using a reliable 800 service may benefit your business in many ways, while enabling you to project a reputable and friendly brand to customers.

Below are some of the ways an 800 number service can benefit your growing business:

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

With an 800 number service, you can easily give your customer service a boost by always being available to take your customer’s calls. It also makes it easier for your current and potential customers to reach you and get their concerns resolved. Having an 800 number can let them call you anytime without it costing them anything.

In addition to that, an 800 number service implies that you care about your customers and potential clients. It also shows that you want to make it more convenient for them to reach you and encourage communication. While it seems lately that companies go to great lengths to avoid letting people contact them, customers love and appreciate greater accessibility like an open communication line.

  • Save Money

It’s not complicated to have an 800 number service. It isn’t as expensive as some people think and it’s something that your service provider can easily set up for you. Where the marketing aspect is concerned, it’s worth mentioning that a toll-free number could be your least expensive marketing medium, which makes your business look bigger and imparts a good professional image of an established company.

  • Easy To Remember

Another way an 800 number service can benefit your business is that it’ll be much easier for your customers to remember your contact number compared to other numbers. With this in mind, your customers are more likely to contact you, allowing you to generate more sales for your business.

Since an 800 number service is easy to remember, it’s also ideal for branding. If your customers can quickly memorize your 800 number, they can easily refer your business to other people they know.

  • Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that an 800 number service can be helpful in monitoring the failure or success of your marketing efforts? Yes, you read that right. If you have different 800 numbers via your phone service provider, you can use them in several marketing methods. For instance, your 800 number can be used in your print ad while the other one can be utilized for your email blasts.

There are also cases when 800 number service providers offer a reporting feature. With this, you can use the feature to determine where you’re getting the best ROI on your marketing efforts. Instead of waiting until the end to figure everything out, you can quickly know which marketing campaigns work and which don’t by accessing the reporting feature.

  • Have Your Own Number

Just like your website address, logo, and company name, your phone number is a crucial business asset. As you invest money and time into advertising and promote the phone number of your business, you should make sure that you have your own phone number.

If for whatever reason you need to relocate or change a service provider, it’s crucial to take your company number with you. This is why getting a toll-free number may come in handy. Unlike local numbers, you can quickly transfer your number from one provider to another without experiencing any service interruption.

How To Get An 800 Number Service

There are several ways to get the best 800 number service for your business. One of these is to shop around online and choose the most reputable one. Remember that every 800 number service provider is unique and offers various services or packages.

Depending on your business needs, choose the service provider that will continue to meet your communication requirements as your business grows. This way, you’ll be able to serve your customers better, and provide them the ease and convenience to reach you anytime.


An 800 number service isn’t just a good thing to have if you’re running a business. It’s also indispensable in improving your image, boosting your customer service, leveling up your marketing campaigns, and providing you the best value for your investment. Hopefully it is more clear how an 800 number service can benefit your business. However, for you to experience all of these benefits, make sure to look for a reliable and dependable 800 number service provider.

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