5 Top Chrome Extensions for SaaS Marketers

Top Chrome Extensions for SaaS Marketers

Are you looking for ways to build your SaaS company’s brand and win new clients? Then it is time to upgrade your Chrome extension toolbox! In this article, we are going to look at 5 amazing Chrome extensions that can take your SaaS marketing to the next level.

1. SignalHire

SignalHire is an amazing marketing extension that can quickly reveal the name, number, email, and even social media profile of virtually anyone. You can search their incredibly accurate database at the click of a button or open anyone's LinkedIn profile and instantly pull their contact details, including direct emails and phone numbers!

Except for the free email extraction extension, this tool comes loaded with a wide range of features, including CRM integration with top platforms, HubSpot, and Salesforce, allowing you to conduct bulk contact searches and then upload prospects' contact information instantly to your CRM. SignalHire can also provide extra emails and phone numbers from company websites.

To use SignalHire, simply:

  1. Head to the Chrome web store and download SignalHire
  2. Open a prospect’s LinkedIn profile
  3. Click on the SignalHire extension in the top right corner
  4. Tap Reveal Contacts

Just like that, you will see the prospect's work email, personal email, work and mobile number, and social media profiles. SignalHire is an amazing extension if you want to build a leads list or get in direct contact with a prospect. SignalHire boasts 97% data accuracy and has a database with over 650 billion contacts. If you want to win lucrative new clients and level up, install SignalHire and instantly access direct numbers, emails, and even social media profiles!

2. BuzzSumo

Are you struggling to figure out which of your content is doing well? Do you need some help crafting your overall marketing strategy, or maybe you want to keep an eye on your competitors? BuzzSumo is ready and able to help you create an incredible SaaS marketing strategy and is the perfect tool to leapfrog your competitors.

BuzzSumo is an amazing tool that gives you in-depth insights into the particular types of content that is performing well currently online. For example, it will show you the total number of Facebook, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter shares across different regions or content types. BuzzSumo will also break down what content is receiving lots of backlinks and comments. This Google Chrome extension can instantly show you who the top-performing influencers are and which influencers are getting the most engagement which makes forming high-value partnerships effortless!

With BuzzSumo you can quickly study your competition, analyze their content and figure out what is working and what isn’t. These insights can be used to build your own top-performing marketing campaign and afford the costly mistakes that your rivals are making. BuzzSumo has a whole host of detailed stats that are updated live and help you track everything from backlinks, shares, comments, and likes.

If you want to demystify the process of generating viral content, then it is time to try out BuzzSumo. This tool will quickly turn you into an expert marketer, and you can try it out for free for 30 days right now!

3. MailTrack

Are you not getting replies to your emails? Do you wonder when it is appropriate to send a follow-up email? Then it is time to install MailTrack! MailTrack is a completely free Google Chrome extension that will reveal when someone has opened and read your email.

MailTrack tracks your emails in real time, and as soon as someone opens one of your messages, you will get notified. It will also provide a timestamp so you can see the exact times your customers and prospects are opening their emails.

This simple and free extension has almost 2,000,000 million users and is an amazing tool that lets you know if your emails are actually being delivered. At the same, it helps you determine what is the best time to send your marketing emails based on open rates. For example, you might realize that sending emails at 8 am on Tuesdays yields the best open rates. Try out MailTrack for free and find out just how many times prospects and customers are reading your emails instantly!

4. Ahrefs

Is your SEO strategy not working? Then it is time to get Ahrefs SEO toolbar to help. Ahrefs offer a free Google Chrome extension that is absolutely loaded with features! One excellent feature this Chrome extension has is the on-page SEO report. Simply open any webpage and tap the extension to get a breakdown of the page, including:

  • Title and Description
  • Canonical URL
  • Headers and subheaders structure of content
  • Word count
  • Social tags
  • Indexability and crawlability
  • Images

Another remarkable feature is the link checker option. With this sleek feature, you can instantly find out if any links are broken. You can also highlight all links using different criteria, including:

  • External and internal links
  • Nofollow links
  • UGC links
  • Sponsored links

You can also use the country changer feature to check out Google search results from different countries. This is great if you run an international business. After all, you want to see how your content is performing in different nations. Ahrefs SEO toolbar is 100% free and can quickly help you identify issues. Simply plug in your pages and content. Try it out now and start improving your SEO today!

5. MozBar

Do you want to upgrade your SEO research? Need some help auditing your website? MozBar is to the rescue! MozBar is a Google Chrome extension from Moz, a leading SEO software company.

To use MozBar, simply open any webpage on the internet and hit your MozBar extension. And just like that, you will receive a detailed analysis of the webpage. MozBar will reveal the page and domain authority of any website out there. It will also give a detailed breakdown of a website's link profile. This highlights different keywords and reveals different link types.

All of the above features are completely free when you install MozBar. You can also upgrade to a premium subscription and get even more options:

  • Keyword Difficulty - Find out exactly how hard it is to rank for any keyword on the planet in seconds!
  • Page Optimization - Reveal helpful insights into how you can quickly improve your content and receive accurate keyword suggestions!
  • Extra Metrics - Become a SEO expert by analyzing and digging deeper into page and SERP data with root domain and subdomain links!

MozBar will turn anyone into an SEO master. Install this nifty little Chrome extension and start following best SEO practices right now!

Final Thoughts

If you are a SaaS marketer and are not fully utilizing Chrome extensions, you are missing out! Try out our recommended extensions above and start enhancing your brand and winning new clients today!

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