Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox: Which is the Best Browser

Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox_ Which is the Best Browser-315Ask 3 experts, and you'll get 3 different answers as to which Internet browser is best. Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all have their loyal devotees, and the truth is none of them are bad. The big 3 browsers all offer different feature sets and it’s good to be aware of the differences.

The best way to choose which one is right for you may come down to the browser you're most comfortable using. That's different for each person. Each of the 3 most popular browsers does different things well. Speed, sleek appearance, security and battery drain are also important considerations when choosing a browser.

Google Chrome

For quite a few years, Google Chrome has been the top pick of many users (this author included!). It arrived on the scene with a pared-down appearance, and the ability to use extensions to customize it for your specific needs is powerful!

Because it seems like Google is everywhere on the web, this also gives Chrome an edge. The browser fully integrates with a person's Google account. Whether you've got an iOS or Android phone, there's a version of Chrome that will sync across all your platforms. Sure, you can do the same thing with Firefox or Edge, but not as easily.

You also don't have to be an IT specialist to get under the hood and tweak things to your liking. Options and settings are spelled out in plain English, so you know the consequences of the actions you are taking. The browser is very intuitive to operate. Perhaps the highest praise is that you hardly notice you're using it on the Internet superhighway.

Microsoft Edge

The release of Windows 10 brought a new web browser from Microsoft. Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser, and as expected it completely overhauled the default experience, which was needed!

This time around, Microsoft seems dedicated to making sure its browser gets plenty of attention. At times it felt that Internet Explorer was an afterthought.

The interface is spartan, almost too much so. There is full Cortana integration, but little in the way of extensions to customize your experience.

Microsoft claims that Edge runs 77% more efficiently than Chrome, the next closest competitor. Laptop users will definitely enjoy the extended battery life. Since this comes default on PC’s it’s often used.  While not our top choice, it is better than the old IE 10 and 11 for sure.

Mozilla Firefox

Before Chrome become the popular choice, the top alternative to Internet Explorer was Mozilla Firefox. It was more secure, faster and more customizable than Internet Explorer from the moment it arrived on the scene in 2004. Basically, it was Chrome before there was Chrome, in that it offered a faster web surfing experience, and it was fully customizable via extensions.

At one point in Firefox's life, usage of the browser climbed to 32%. Firefox was never able to compete speed-wise after Chrome's release, and with Chrome being just as customizable and offering better mobile integration, Firefox's numbers fell.

There's a new version of Firefox on the horizon, that is rumored to close the speed gap. And since it has been around longer than Chrome, some older web apps run better on Firefox. Again, for some users, Firefox may represent the old familiarity of a tried and true browsing experience.

The best way to get a good handle on which one will be right for you is to try them all out. You may need more than 1 as not all browsers render all websites properly.

If you want an opinion, Google Chrome is our choice as the “go-to” browser to use.


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