5 Time-Tested Tips to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Workflows

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Workflows

If you don’t streamline your social media marketing tasks, you’ll drown in your daily whirlwind of to-dos. Your team and resources get spread too thin, and you’re not likely to drive meaningful results. You could also lose tons of opportunities to engage your audiences and drive conversions and sales.

Fortunately, you can address these challenges by streamlining your social media marketing workflows—starting with these five tried and tested tips.

1. Use a reliable platform

Running your campaigns often requires using multiple platforms and apps to manage, create, and publish your content across your social media marketing channels.
However, using multiple tools can involve manual processes, taking up a chunk of your time, resources, and energy.

The solution? Use an all-in-one Social Media Marketing (SMM) platform.

For example, Vista Social offers sophisticated, modern features to help you plan, organize, curate, and schedule your posts from a single platform. These features range from content management to robust TikTok tools for marketing.

Schedule your social media content to auto-publish on your social media channels with a few clicks.

You can also add your posts to a queue, schedule your content to publish in bulk, and use the Smart Publisher to let the platform find, curate, and publish content with little to no human intervention.

smart publisher

You can also choose a thumbnail for your videos and edit your images within the platform before posting or scheduling them to auto-publish.

edit image

Besides content scheduling, Vista Social offers other essential features for seamless social media marketing management, such as:

  • An inbox to help you manage messages across your social media profiles, helping you achieve continuous audience engagement.
  • A listening feature to monitor your brand mentions within your network, allowing you to spot engagement opportunities promptly.
  • A reviews management tool that helps you gain insights into what people say about your brand, their experience, etc. You’ll get valuable data to improve your service delivery and the customer experience.

Speed up your workflows using a modern platform that simplifies and automates your critical SMM tasks.

2. Streamline collecting audience feedback

Consumer Feedback can give you relevant insights into your customers’ experience with your brand, products, and services. These experiences also include your social media interactions and customer service.

However, collecting and analyzing customer feedback manually can be a huge time-suck.

The key is to simplify and streamline collecting customer comments using feedback emoji tools.

For instance, Emoji Response lets you create custom feedback forms with an emoji rating scale on your website.

Instead of displaying numbers or a satisfaction scale, the tool allows you to customize emoji widgets to measure customer feedback using multiple emotional spectrums.

You can embed the feedback emoji form on your website and the tool consolidates and analyzes the responses.


You’ll get relevant customer insights to help improve your customer service, products, services, and social media audience interactions and content.

3. Produce your content in batches

Creating content is often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

One tactic to help streamline your content creation and avoid getting overwhelmed is to produce social media content in batches.

When done properly, content batching can help you save time, keep your content flowing, and repurpose your ideas across your social media channels seamlessly.

For instance, instead of spending an hour or two planning, creating, and publishing a single Instagram post, use that time writing (or batching) an entire week’s worth of captions.

Another example is to film multiple videos for a specific social media campaign in one sitting. Doing so can save you the time it takes to set up your equipment, create backdrops, and write your script.

Creating your social media and other marketing content in batches allows you to optimize your time and energy while keeping your creative juices flowing. It lets you produce essential parts of your content continuously.

Content batching takes proper planning and scheduling to ensure you produce content (or parts of it) you can actually use.

Leverage user-friendly task management software to plan, sort, prioritize, and manage your content batching for social media and other marketing initiatives.

For instance, ClickUp lets you manage everything easily.

You can assign and track tasks via custom views and communicate and collaborate with your team members efficiently with the comments and chat features.


4. Document your best practices and guidelines

Having a clear set of guidelines gives your team the necessary directions to plan, create, and run your social media marketing campaigns to achieve your SMM goals.

Your guidelines and best practices can serve as your guiding star for your content and other creatives’ quality.

For instance, your style guide can help your SMM team stay on brand when writing, formatting, and designing your social media posts and other marketing elements.

Your guidelines also include your branding requirements, brand tone of voice, and other best practices to guide your social media content contributors.

You can ensure your social media marketing content aligns with the quality, style,  and consistency you require.

For example, one best practice to help drive traffic and conversions is to include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) at the end of your social media posts. CTAs tell your audience what to the next.

If you share a post about your latest article on how to find the best computerized cash registers for new businesses, include a compelling CTA with the link to your website.

The example below shows how clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch uses this similar tactic to promote their neutrals spring trend and lead audiences to their website.

streamline your social media Abercrombie example

Document and make your guidelines and best practices readily available to your social media marketing team. Use reliable eCommerce marketing tools that let you store, share, manage, and organize your social media content and creatives.

5. Automate your reporting and analytics

Analyzing your social media marketing performance can tell you what’s working (or not). This ensures you’re getting the most out of your efforts. It can also help you determine the areas to improve, fix, or discontinue to optimize your time and resources. However, manually compiling and generating your SMM analytics reports can eat up a chunk of your productive hours and energy. The good news is that you can automate your social media marketing reporting and analytics.

Automation streamlines assessing your social media content’s performance and campaign success. It can also simplify your content tracking process. Leverage robust platforms that let you set a reporting schedule weekly or monthly (or custom frequency), and the software can automatically generate your reports for you.

You can also analyze boatloads more of data and gain comprehensive insights seamlessly using reliable big data analytics tools with robust automation features. You’ll eliminate a lot of manual work and make your reporting process hassle-free and efficient.

Make your social media marketing more efficient

Social media marketing can easily fall through the cracks when you have a busy schedule and full plate. Streamline your social media marketing workflows to lighten your workload while simplifying your processes and improving efficiency. With a seamless SMM workflow, you can keep your efforts consistent. It can help you attain your expected results, reach your targets, and achieve social media marketing success.

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