5 Mistakes Web Programmers Should Avoid When Using Laravel

Mistakes Web Programmers Should Avoid When Using Laravel

2022 is here! In other words, it's high time for you to think of making a strong online presence. The time is already ticking and it's like a now or never situation. So stop being a couch potato and it's time to consider the technological supremacy for your upcoming web development project. Yes, I am talking about none other than our very own charismatic, magnificent, extraordinarily appealing Laravel. Since its inception in 2011, tech has always remained in the limelight. Not to mention with top companies such as 9GAG, Pfizer, BBC, about you, Ratio using Laravel, more and more small to medium-size businesses irrespective of their industry verticals are found trending towards the need of hiring Laravel developers from India for their web development project.  

Let's Meet Laravel - The Best PHP Framework

Even though this one is an open-source PHP framework, it is highly recommendable for creating dynamic and customizable web applications. Now many of you often get confused that whether the PHP platform is client-side or server-side. To be precise, Laravel is full-on server-side and mainly used for backend purposes. User authentication, seamless database migration, Model-View-Controller design are some of the core aspects that make it easy for Laravel programmers to work without sacrificing application functionality.

In comparison to Rails, React, Vue, and Angular, Laravel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to web PHP-based frameworks all across the globe. Did you know that the framework was developed to create a more advanced version of the existing CodeIgniter? Though you can relate Laravel's architectural pattern to Symfony it is indeed an advanced version of CodeIgniter. Further below I would like to mention certain features that make Laravel developers go gaga over the framework.

Blade Template Engine

As the name implies it is a templating engine but the most powerful one. By using the engine, Laravel developers can write syntax pretty much without any hassle. Laravel developers here are required to view the file and simply save it using the .blade.php extension. Where can you find these templates later on? Go to resources/view directory. Creating extravagant components and layouts is no big deal as here you will come across a wide range of lightweight templates.

Web Artisan

Another astounding feature offered by the Laravel framework is Web Artisan. Since programming or developing an application requires lots and lots of coding, repetitive tasks, Laravel has made it pretty much easier for programmers as all these tasks can be well taken care of by using web artisan. One can create a skeleton code featuring the entire structure of the database and create a roadmap for its successful migration. By doing this managing database systems becomes a cakewalk for Laravel programmers. By using command-line, MVC files can be generated, and it's not limited to generating but managing them is also possible. Try to hire Laravel developers who carry the potential to create their command and use it when necessary.

MVC Architecture

Who doesn't know about Laravel's MVC architecture? In simple words, if a Laravel app is excellent in regards to performance, it is simply because of its MVC architecture. Also with numerous built-in functionalities, Laravel does offer a magic touch of security and precise Laravel documentation as well. Coming back to the MVC architecture, it successfully discretizes the basic business logic from the presentation layers.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent Object Relational Mapping works wonders when it comes to writing database queries. These are written with the help of PHP syntax. So Laravel developers no longer are required to write the entire SQL code. Eloquent ORM does assist in doing smart work.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Who doesn't know about the pre-installed object-oriented libraries (OO libraries)? Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel stands a cut above due to this feature. If you want to check how many active users are there or reset the password or encrypt the data, conduct CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, the OO libraries cover it all!


It is always advisable to launch an app after it goes through a lot of tests and the Laravel framework is no exception. It automatically does vigorous testing just to be doubly sure that in any case if a Laravel developer has made any modifications then there is no issue in the outcome. Not to mention conducting unit testing here is not complicated at all.


When it comes to performance and security, Laravel works wonders like none other PHP frameworks. Technically speaking, here the hashed and salted method is being used. In simple words, a password is never saved here in the form of simple text. Also, it remains encrypted by using the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. If you are using Laravel for your web development product, SQL injection attacks are simply out of question.

Database migration

Developing an application is not a one-time process, one needs to work again and again to come up with the best possible outcome. With the database migration feature, it is possible to expand the database of the app in one go.

Other significant features of the Laravel framework include:

  • Authentication can be implemented without any worries
  • Easy to use API and backs cache backends
  • Check out the advanced Monolog logging library
  • Precise, clean, and easy coding
  • Availability of a plethora of tutorials

As a reliable Laravel developer innovating something is a must. And no successful innovations are possible without any mistakes. Here I would like to mention some of the top mistakes to avoid at any cost!  Without any further ado, let's begin!

5 Common Mistakes Laravel Developers Often Make Worldwide

It is better to be safe than sorry! Instead of reminiscing on mistakes, again and again, it is better to surpass these errors for once and all. Do you wonder what these mini errors could lead to? Slow loading pages, end-users getting frustrated, and switching to your competitors. Not to mention a decline in brand reputation and sales. This is worse than a nightmare, isn't it! So here's a quick heads up for you. What Laravel developers shouldn't be doing while working on a web development project.

web developer working


To establish consistency in any product in regards to performance, doing the right configuration management is extremely important. Here a Laravel developer is required to ensure a high degree of automation so that there are the least possible chances for human errors. From servers to databases, Oses, networking systems, software, configuration management has to be done.

Here while working on the Laravel framework what happens is sensitive data can be easily detected if system configuration is not precisely done.

Unfortunately, amateur programmers tend to dismiss the  dev.php file that features specific configuration data. In other words, hackers can easily hack due to this mistake. Don't let that happen! It might seem common but such mistakes can play a pivotal role in ruining your product.

Breaking the Rules

The next mistake to avoid at any cost by a Laravel developer or any other backend developer is breaking the fundamental rules. After gaining a certain amount of experience, developers often become over-confident and hence end up going overboard by breaking the fundamental rules of development. They end up naming database variables lamely. Often, inappropriate documentation is done. They are not serious about the app's performance, architecture, they miss testing and whatnot.  These small mistakes can break down the entire project in a short period. And of course, this results in the pain of writing large parts of code again and again. Following an unusual pattern can be risky at times especially when you have time restraints. Also, you have no idea whether other teammates would be able to match up your psychology or not.

Not getting the Code Reviewed

Another mistake to avoid is pushing the code. Most of the Laravel developers tend to keep pushing the code and do not take the responsibility of reviewing again and again. When the code misses a line-by-line review, this can create several small conflicts. Not to mention that other team members won't be able to collaborate well. As a result, maintaining code consistency becomes next to impossible.

So what can be done is, Laravel developers can simply create a pull request. By doing this they won't just get a review code but other team members can also merge their respective codes seamlessly. Several tools such as TSLint for TypeScript or ESLint can ensure whether the code is consistent or not.

Using too Many Technologies

Do you know why Backend developers use MERN/MEAN/LAMP stack models? It's simple and saves ample time on all small, medium, and large-size projects. Not to mention that almost all PHP frameworks enhance teamwork. Thus, developers can easily communicate and collaborate. Plus, everything speeds up to a great extent.

Now what happens when you try to incorporate too many technologies, is a higher chance of mistakes, bugs, and errors. So it is best to use the same technology similarly.

It's a Wrap!

So that's all! I hope this article helps, irrespective of your level of experience. Whether you are an amateur or a mid-level expert or a professional, the above are the worst mistakes you could make in the open-source world. The correct way is to avoid complications later on by surpassing them right from the beginning.  In case you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them below.

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