5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

 Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

With over 60% of internet users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social media network. It is used by digital businesses and topmost content creators. Moreover, it is the best social media platform to gain Facebook likes and increase fan base.

However, growing a fan base on Facebook requires a lot of smart work. Five years ago, it was very easy to increase your Facebook fan base organically and gain Facebook likes. However, with increasing competition, it has become hard to grow quickly on Facebook. Some people even buy Facebook likes to increase visibility and boost their online presence.

There are both good and bad ways to grow quickly and get popular on Facebook. Here, in this article, we will discuss five of the most creative ways to gain Facebook likes and increase your Facebook fan base.

SEO optimized Facebook Page

Optimizing your Facebook page is the more crucial step to gain Facebook likes. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to improve your page ranking on Google and Facebook search. Ultimately, it makes it easier for other people to find your page and start following you.

Some of the tips that will excuse you from buying Facebook likes and grow organically on Facebook are –

  • Select a descriptive username – The username of your Facebook page should describe your niche or business directly. It makes it easier for potential followers to search your Facebook page on Google and Facebook search engines. You will need a minimum of 25 Facebook likes to claim a vanity URL.
  • Use direct keywords in the 'About Section' – Accurate description of your business using high-ranking keywords is the key to gain Facebook likes. Search for keywords that are related to your niche and try to incorporate them in your 'About Section'. Moreover, add your website URL as well to increase organic Facebook likes.
  • Choose the right business category – If you want to rank high on Facebook search, make sure you choose the right business category.
  • Facebook page image optimization – Your profile image and cover photo can be a game-changer to gain Facebook likes. Use a professional, high-quality image that reflects the feel and the look of your brand. The ideal size of your profile photo should be 160 x 160 pixels and for the cover photo, it should be 851 x 315 pixels.

SEO optimization is the best way to grow organically on Facebook. If you accurately follow the above steps, you may not have to buy Facebook likes.

Take Leverage from Your Personal Facebook Account

If you don't want to buy Facebook likes, an active personal Facebook account can do wonders for you. After you post an update on your Facebook page, share the post on your account. By doing so, you will be able to engage more people on your post, increase social interaction and gain more Facebook likes.

As the post-interaction increases, Facebook will organically start showing your post to more fans. So, the greater the number of friends you have on your account, the popular you will get on Facebook.

You can also use your Facebook groups and personal Facebook account to invite your existing friends to like your Facebook page. It is the best way to gain organic Facebook likes.

Fan Recommendations

Fan recommendations are the most effective way to promote Facebook pages to gain organic Facebook likes and not buy Facebook likes.

With the sheer amount of content being shared every single day on Facebook, there is not enough room in the user’s News Feed to show every single post of the day. Therefore, there is a high risk of decreasing exposure for the organic posts.

Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm is designed to target each user with the most relevant content that they like to watch. A lot of this depends on the amount of interaction and engagement a user has on your posts to be able to view them frequently on their News Feed.

One good trick to gain Facebook likes organically, is to encourage your followers to recommend your post through likes, shares, and comments. Most people on the internet trust their friend recommendations. Therefore, Fan recommendation is a great way to gain Facebook likes and improve Facebook fan base.

Some of the tips to get fan recommendations include –

  • Educations or promotional video posts with a relevant story that connects well with your audience
  • Use Facebook Insights to understand what type of content is engaging more audience

Weekly Contests and Giveaways

Facebook analytics have shown that most viewers visit your Facebook page only once. They may like your page and interact with the posts that show up on their News Feed. However, they may rarely visit your Facebook page again.

Therefore, you need to strategize wisely to loop your followers and drive them to your Facebook page over and over again. Moreover, create a supportive community with active members. The best way to do that is to increase interaction on your Facebook Page through weekly contests and giveaways.

The Facebook page allows you to pin one post at the top of the page. Use this feature to announce weekly contests and giveaways. It will also help you to convert your followers into potential customers.

Additionally, share instructional videos, weekly discounts on the products and educate your followers about your business. It will provide more value to your followers. The more you engage them, the faster you will grow on Facebook. Moreover, your followers will share your posts and help you gain Facebook likes. Thereby, tripling your fan base.

Paid Alternatives

The first four creative ways were all about growing organically on Facebook. However, there are Facebook marketing tools to improve your Facebook fan base and rapidly gain Facebook likes. You can also try some of the best social media marketing companies to get the desired amount of engagement on your profile.

Currently, Facebook offers two types of paid alternatives to increase your visibility online –

  • Post promotion – You can use the Facebook Ads Manager to create an Ad on Facebook and promote your product or brand. With this option, you can customize the demographic data and target your audience to gain Facebook likes and promote your business online.
  • Post boost - It is a unique feature that helps to increase post visibility in the user's News Feed. You can customize the type of audience you want to show your post. It can be your Facebook page fans, friends of the fans, or a target audience. Every post has an option of ‘Boost’ in the post settings tab.
  • There are sites from where you can buy Facebook likes, followers and boost your online presence. Some of them include Viralyft, Famups, Social Viral, and Social Packages.


It is essential to have a decent number of Facebook page likes and followers to improve credibility and social promotion. However, with increasing competition, most people get confused.

The most strategic way of improving Facebook fan base is to optimize the Facebook page, use your account for promotion, fan recommendations, weekly contests, and paid alternatives.

By tweaking these features and following the above-mentioned steps accurately, you will be able to gain Facebook likes organically. Moreover, you will not have to buy Facebook likes to increase visibility online.

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