4 Local Business Areas Which Are Booming For 2019

Business Areas Which Are Booming

Each year we see a change across local business trends, in which some business areas rise whereas others tend to fall. It’s a topic that is out of our control and ruled mainly by the changing lifestyle trends that differ each year.

The good news is that the UK small business landscape is thriving. Each year, we see a rise in small businesses and start-up companies being launched, with more people becoming their own boss than ever before. 

If you are currently running your own business but feel a little unsure about its potential growth, or, you’ve been considering setting up your own company for a while, then read on. 

Here are five key business areas that are likely to grow throughout 2019. 

1. Plant-based eateries

No one can deny that 2019 is the year that veganism (and other plant-based lifestyles) have hit the mainstream. It has been a turning point year so far in terms of those switching their meat-heavy diets to natural, organic and plant-based.

Some say it’s due to a rise in internal issues, such as IBS, and others put it down to more awareness of cruelty to animals. Either way, veganism is on the rise, and the restaurant and takeaway industry is having to reflect this. 

There are plenty of opportunities for new businesses to capitalize on this rising trend. Whether it’s a vegan café or a plant-focused bakery, it’s big news. 

2. Microblading Beauty

If you’re skilled in the beauty industry or want to become skilled to offer a local beauty service, microblading is one of the most in-demand treatments of 2019. Microblading is a near-permanent solution for eyebrows that are overplucked, naturally fair or out of shape, which takes on a tattooing skill.  

The newest microblading trend is ‘ombre’ brows - a technique that has recently launched. The flourishing trend around eyebrow art is going nowhere fast, so if you plan to go into business in any area of beauty, this is the one. Having this in mind another opportunity for business is in tattoo removal. As described in this post on tattoo removal cost depends on the size of tattoo so you could also offer this your microblading clients in case they change their mind.

However, microblading is a highly skilled job which takes a lot of training, so you will have to invest in building up qualifications. Due to it being a riskier job, the training can be expensive, but the return on investment is high, making it worth looking at a loan to cover the training and equipment costs if you can’t currently afford them. You can easily get one from places like, where you can choose your amount and repayment time scale. 

3. Home Maintenance Services

As people become busier than ever before, there is an increasing demand for home maintenance related businesses. From garden landscapers to cleaners, home residences are calling on these services more frequently. 

Cleaning services at one point used to be associated with those who had a lot of money, but now it’s much more mainstream for a household to have a weekly or fortnightly cleaner. The more demanding our lives are becoming, the more help with running a household is needed. 

As the world is becoming very app focused, why not look to create an app people can use to search for cleaners in their local area?  

4. Elderly Care

Research has proved that we’re a nation living longer, which means the aging population is growing. Due to this, the healthcare services have needed to increase the care for elderly people. Investing in elderly health care services is a great idea if you are looking to tap into a growing industry. 

Recent research has also revealed that due to the elderly living longer, we are a nation seeing more cases of dementia-related disabilities. Again, this has created a demand for healthcare professionals who are strongly skilled across nursing and care for the elderly. 


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