3 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020


Despite Google maintaining that social signals do not have a direct impact on rankings, social media marketing is among the best methods of boosting organic traffic. Online reputation gained from active social media presence increases brand awareness. This, in turn, results in an increased branded search on Google. With more than 3.2 billion active social media users worldwide, you should take advantage of this growing online population to increase your website traffic. Below are 3 tried and tested ways you can use social media to drive organic traffic to your website.

3 Ways to use Social Media to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

1. Paid Ads

Brands that don’t use or advertise through social media risk falling behind their competitors. However, the majority of those who are using social media are unsure if they should pay for social media advertising. Paid advertising differs significantly from traditional outbound marketing.

The use of data and machine learning technology enables marketers to find, reach, and specifically target their audience with ease. Specific platforms are used to achieve specific goals of the business. This includes lead generation, brand awareness, and increasing website traffic, among others. Paid ads allow marketers to access native analytics that provides insights on how they can enhance their social media marketing performance.

Currently, social media posts from family, colleagues, and friends have more priority, declining the success rates of organic reach. Besides, the sheer volume of social feeds adds to the statistical improbability of connecting with your target audience. However, with paid ads, you can be sure of reaching your targeted user’s feed. Despite social media crowding, these ads provide a direct window for driving leads, increasing traffic, and, ultimately, sales.

2. Post Regularly

In as much as you don’t want to spam your followers, posting regularly to your social media channels leads to more exposure and traffic. You shouldn’t take breaks on social media platforms. Your daily routine as a social media marketer should include updating both new and quality content to various social media platforms. Posting regularly not only increases retention, as your followers will easily remember your brand name but also builds a general interest in your products and services.

The key to success when posting regularly is ensuring that you make quality and informative posts. For instance, if you have been sharing posts about your hair products with minimal success, consider uploading content explaining how to use the products. From this, your followers will pay more attention to your content for more insightful posts.

Along with making regular posts, you should connect with your social media followers. Consider replying to their comments, mentions, and sharing their posts about your brand. Showing your users your active social image encourages more engagement.

3. Use Videos

Recently, the use of visual content has proved to be an effective social media marketing strategy. For most social media users, it is easy to scroll through endless social media feeds. Meaning they often miss interesting and helpful content. You can prevent potential customers from doing this by sharing more visual content, especially videos that stand out.

Compared to regular feeds, visual content has forty times the likelihood of being shared on social media. Apart from videos, images receive more likes, shares, and comments than text. That said, including videos, graphs, photos, animations, GIFs, and infographics in your social media posts will help attract more of an audience.

Social media channels can be leveraged to bring more traffic to a website, just like other online marketing strategies. However, it needs more time, effort, and a smart strategy. Social media marketing cannot replace SEO strategies but can work to complement each other. As such, you should understand specific ways you can use these platforms to drive organic traffic, especially in the current space, where finding organic traffic is challenging.

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