3 Key Things Every Entrepreneur Should Keep in Mind About Building an Audience

3 Key Things Every Entrepreneur Should Keep in Mind About Building an Audience

We live in a digital era where consumers are more likely to engage companies online than make a call or pay a visit to their customer support station. Likewise, entrepreneurs use digital marketing strategies to tap into the ever-growing online audience opportunity for their products and service. These strategies work best when the business has an established audience.

Building a following for your business content takes time and hard work. How big is your current audience? Do you feel you can do more to grow this audience? Check out these three key things to include in your next audience targeting the drive.

  1. Use Podcasts and Videos

Share your ideas using podcasts and video clips. Use your Private Podcast to grow your audience by:

  •       Using catchy titles for your podcasts
  •       Linking your website or blog to the podcast
  •       Posting your new podcasts on your business or personal sites
  •       Interacting with your audience in the comment section, via email newsletters, and social media groups

For your video marketing engagement:

  •       Start a YouTube channel
  •       Aim for short quality clips
  •       Brand your video platform
  •       Promote your channel on other social media platforms
  1. Start a Blog or Do Guest Blogging

Are you building your audience from scratch? Do you have your content ready? Compile it in a blog. Next, use the blog to interact and grow your audience. Here are some tips.

  •       Share the link to your blog with your family, friends, and colleagues
  •       Be active on social media, leaving a footprint of your blog in each platform you visit
  •       Join a blog support network
  •       Use LinkedIn groups to tap into professional audiences

Likewise, you can tap into a new audience by having your articles on other websites, blogs, or social media platforms as guest posts. When you prepare a guest post, publish it at a platform with a well-established following that matches your target audience.

For example, if you are into cooking, prepare a holiday lamb chop recipe and feature it in a leading chef’s magazine. But, there is a catch. High profile blogs will only notice your content if it has high traction.

  1. Keep Tabs On the Audience Engagement Levels

A business strategy has a better chance of succeeding when you can measure its performance. What are you using to measure the engagement levels for your brand? To avoid guesswork, here are some useful parameters you can use.

  •       Gather data on your audience’s behavior using Localytics and Appfigure for iOS. These tools will track your audience’s preferences and interactions.
  •       Use Google Analytics to analyze the website traffic
  •       Use a survey for honest feedback
  •       Ask your audience to use QR codes to access your digital content
  •       Use a hashtag


There is no magic formula for building an audience for your business content. If you remain consistent, you can increase traffic to a site, blog, podcast, or any other online presence you have. If you are comfortable with writing, start your blog.

Once it picks up an audience, expand your reach by guest posting. But, if you are more comfortable in front of a camera or a microphone, video marketing or podcasts are your best pick. Then, use statistical tools to track your progress and stay informed of upcoming trends in digital marketing strategies.

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