10 Ways To Successfully Incorporate Social Media To Your Marketing Strategies


Even if you are a newbie in the marketing realm, you must have heard about the special powers of social media. These days, social media is everywhere, and everyone is using social media. While your target audience is spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, you can do some fishing by finding ways to incorporate social media.

Even if you are the savviest social media user, integrating this skill into a marketing strategy and crafting social media advertising campaigns can be tricky. We came up with 10 ways to help you do it quicker and better than the competition.

1. Post Quality Content

According to Miromind experts, your social media account is another way to improve your SEO efforts. Even if you don’t have a sizeable audience yet, creating high-quality content can help bring more people in. Reposts are golden for social media marketing efforts. Make your content “repost worthy” and employ the right hashtag strategy.

2. Create A Community

You can have a thousand followers, but hardly a third of them will become your clients. You need to create a breathing and feeling community that many people are ready to be an active part of. Show your audience that you are smart, fun, and reliable. Breathe life into your posts to have the audience relate to your products.

You are using social media, so be social when you incorporate social media. Don’t allow your community to lose interest in your posts. Spice them up with jokes, rumors, “how-tos”, and the like.

3. Show Your Interest

Being social involves showing your interest in your community’s feelings, activities, and opinions. Always ask questions to learn the audience’s opinion about the life around it. Make sure to answer their questions immediately.

Like and share their posts. Comment their posts with thoughtful phrases, rather than “great job”. When people see your interest, they are more likely to show theirs.

4. Use Rich Media

Today, videos and images are much more popular than plain text. Meanwhile, coming up with this type of creative media is much harder than typing up a storm. Invest time and money in high-quality media, and you are likely to catch more attention than the competition, which simply works with textual content.

5. Create A Customer Service Account

A separate customer service account on Twitter can help you get high scores from the audience. It’s much easier to ask questions on social media pages than to look for the company’s email address and write messages. Meanwhile, the important customer service related questions won’t get lost in the content on your other SM accounts.

6. Use Social Media For Contests and Promotions

All contests and other promotions you are setting up via email or on the website should be readily available on social media. Draft them to suit the social media environment, and you’ll see how much more effective they become. Again, the utter power of reposts can attract new subscribers to your account.

7. Create A Social Media Persona

You can have a business account on social media, but people prefer talking to a real person. So you need to create a persona, which appeals to your target audience. Depending on your business, you can come up with a profile.

For example, a 35-year-old homemaker may not be the best persona for a company selling rubber gaskets. Meanwhile, she may be an excellent choice for a store offering home cleaning supplies or flowers. Forget the discrimination factor here. You must create a person depending on stereotypes.

8. Build The Right Team

Marketing campaigns are time-consuming. Social media marketing often requires more time than other campaign efforts. That is why the key to integrating social media is finding people, who will be doing it.

You may need to hire new employees, hire contract freelancers,  or come up with extra time for the existing ones.  A good team is a key to successful integration.

9. Draft A Smooth Email and Social Media Partnership

When it comes to marketing, mail and social media go hand in hand. Make sure you link one to another. Insert social media icons into your marketing email and add social sharing buttons. If a customer likes your email, they can immediately share it with their social media friends.

Post your email campaigns and contest on your social media pages. Convert social media followers to email contacts. Some email marketing platforms, such as iContact and Constant Contact have sign-up forms created for Facebook. Make sure to check the email list hygiene closely for contacts received from social media in order to avoid a high bounce rate.

10. Work Out A Posting Strategy

A posting strategy is highly important for social media accounts’ popularity. You have to find the right balance between being overwhelming or too concise. One general posting strategy doesn’t exist. Each industry has its own.

For example, a beauty parlor should have several posts a day to show beautiful nails, hairstyles, and makeup to attract customers. Meanwhile, a silicone gasket retailer should limit its post to once a day in order not to annoy the subscribers.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to incorporate social media for any marketing campaign. The time to start is now. The above tips can help the incorporation effort to be as smooth as possible.


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