Why Your Startup Needs Technology, and How You Can Invest in It

Why Your Startup Needs Technology, and How You Can Invest in It

Startups certainly do not have it easy. With most of them flopping within a year of being established, it is easy to see why many potential entrepreneurs are on the fence about investing money in building their very own small businesses. Running a business is definitely challenging, but do you know what can make the process much smoother? Technology, of course! It is crazy to imagine that some startups are still not leveraging tech solutions to scale up, but here we are! It's time to understand and look at why your startup needs technology.

In the unlikely event that you do not know the merits of using technology for business purposes, you can check the following points to learn more about the benefits of tech solutions and how you can invest in technology as the proud owner of a startup.

Why Startups Need Technology

Increasing Sales

Driving more sales is becoming increasingly hard, given the fierce competition small businesses face. This puts these companies in a precarious position where they are not able to stay afloat or expand. In the end, most of these businesses end up being acquired by bigger companies or going bankrupt and shutting down completely. However, by using certain technologies like CRM and live chat software, your staff will be able to provide your clients with top-notch services that make them keep coming for more, increasing sales and profits exponentially.

Appearing More Trustworthy

No sane business owner or creditor would want to partner up with a startup that is struggling financially. If you cannot prove that your business is worth the investment, you will miss out on many amazing growth opportunities. Based on the information on this website, you can ease your potential partners’ worries by using technology to assess your company’s creditworthiness. Moreover, you can obtain a credit report online from the three top agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This way, your business will appear more trustworthy, and you will be able to score more fantastic deals in the long run.

Enhancing Workplace Productivity

Startups require much more effort to run than big businesses that have been around for years. When you are still on shaky ground, you need to have capable staff supporting you. There are many ways you can leverage technology to boost workplace productivity. For starters, tech solutions enable your team to communicate remotely, become more efficient, and get the training it needs. This, in turn, will reflect positively on sales and customer experience.

Why Your Startup Needs Technology, and How You Can Invest in It

How to Invest in Technology

Identify Your Needs

Technology is used to solve certain issues. So, it does not make sense to splurge on solutions that your business does not even need. For this reason, we recommend that you reach out to your staff to get an idea about the problems they face daily. This way, you will invest in the solutions that are relevant to your team, which is extremely important when you have limited resources. Automation techniques that focus on documentation, time tracking, and payroll and inventory management are favored by most small business owners, which is why they are considered a good starting point.

Webinars are another great opportunity to determine your needs. Participate in a tech webinar to learn how to describe your requirements and generate new leads.

Consider Prices

Tech solutions do not come cheap, and you have to be willing to put in money to reap the rewards later on. Nevertheless, investing in technology is not prohibitively expensive in most cases. It also helps to look for different vendors. While it is easy to think that all vendors provide the same technology at similar price points, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how discrepant the prices they charge can be. So, don’t settle for the first offer you get, and compare several vendors until you can create a shortlist of candidates.

Interview Vendors

To make sure that you are putting your money in the right place, you must interview the vendors you have short-listed before you commit to any deal. Use this opportunity to get clarification of how the system they want to sell your works and how it can help bridge the gap your company has. It is important not to take any hasty decisions even if a specific vendor has knocked your socks off! Instead, you need to get back to your team and request their input to be able to make an informed decision.


Technology has completely changed the face of the business world. With hundreds of startups competing for success, it's clear your startup needs technology and it is time to invest in the valuable tools technology has to offer. Now that you understand why your company needs technology, you need to allocate enough resources for this big investment. Don’t rely on age-old methods anymore and see how technology can help you expand your startup in just a few months!

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