Why Your Business Needs to have an Aesthetic Appearance

why your business needs an aesthetic appearance

 If you’re a business owner, it’s so important to learn and have a complete understanding of aesthetics. While being visually appealing has been important for decades if not centuries, the past several years have only proved even more why an aesthetic appearance needs to be taken strongly into consideration. Aesthetics can play a key role in a business and they can even be a part of what makes a company majorly successful. Two examples of how aesthetics allow companies to thrive would include Starbucks and Fiji Water.

Starbucks not only has a logo that people are more than happy to display through wearing merchandise and showing off in photos but there is a very aesthetically appealing image behind them as well. A part of their brand identity is about sitting in a cozy café, sipping away at coffee, while working on your laptop. This is accompanied by the dark brown and black colors of the décor and furniture, and the contemporary coffee house music that plays at Starbucks.

Fiji Water is another great example, as their brand is just standard water.  Their water bottle is a very unique design that includes beautiful imagery on the bottle. This just goes to show that aesthetics hold major importance to companies, and that’s why it shouldn’t be neglected. So how can a brand achieve this aesthetic appearance?

First, it’s important to look into what aesthetic design is

Sociologists and psychologists call this the “halo effect”. There is this idea that if something is good-looking and if people that are good-looking (or have high social status) like something, then it must be desirable.  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to aesthetics it tends to reel in a larger crowd of people with multiple interests and preferences. Aesthetics don’t have to be just about appearances either, as experiences are a major part of it.

One great example would be “Instagram-worthy” restaurants and cafes.  While the appearance is what reels curious consumers in, it’s also about the experience itself. Many museums, hotels, stores, restaurants, and other services that provide an experience will aim to appease aesthetics so they can be achieved by reaching out to more customers.  Some businesses will focus on heightening all five senses of consumers for achieving an efficient aesthetic experience as well.

Why does aesthetic design matter?

Nowadays, aesthetics are far more prominent in businesses now more than ever. Consumers love to surround themselves in visually appealing spaces. This can include purchasing products or services that will help them achieve this. This can even extend as far as businesses, no matter how big or small, looking to achieve aesthetics within their workspace. People enjoy being surrounded by beautiful imagery and why achieve that than aesthetics?

Indeed, trends for aesthetic designs regularly change. Attention spans for consumers are decreasing more and more, so adding aesthetic elements to a design can help in stimulating the mind. It also allows the viewer to see what you’re offering. By ignoring the need for aesthetics, it could potentially hurt your business.  Currently, popular aesthetic elements would be pleasure and simplicity. Essentially, it’s the less is more mentality.

This has crept in and is now a part of the “aesthetic useability”. It’s important to know the influence of potential consumers and what the current trends are. While aesthetic design is a long-term attitude, it’s best to have an understanding that the trends and the elements themselves can change often.

What are some of the importance of incorporating aesthetics into business?

Everyone judges a book by its cover, even though it’s wrong, it’s just something that many of us tend to do. Style tends to be an indicator of quality.  While it’s important to make your business look pretty from the inside and the outside, it’s also best to think about the quality of your product or service too. There are plenty of ways that aesthetics can make a massive impact on your business.

You’ll get more engagement

Since it’s very difficult to catch people’s attention nowadays, if you appeal to someone’s aesthetic interest, then you’re going to have a very high chance of getting engagement. Engagement is powerful and can truly make a difference for your business. Eyes will naturally gravitate to things that are considered visually satisfying. This is going to include a symmetrical pattern, color scheme, and a bit of psychology. Visual dynamics and bright colors tend to reel in people.

An aesthetic appearance indicates quality

Since visually appealing imagery is a direct indicator of quality, you’ll want to make sure that your product, brand, space, or experience is all attractive. Attractiveness is something that takes a lot of time and skill. It’s something that must be paid special attention to since this is going to massively impact your business. People are unconsciously biased when it comes to visuals, so you want to make sure that you’re displaying and delivering something visually appealing but high quality as well.

Your business will appear professional

Professionalism matters, no matter how small scale your business is, it’s going to need to be professional if you expect it to get anywhere. Just like if you were showing up to an interview looking scruffy, a company wouldn’t hire you, the same can be applied with customers. Professionalism immediately creates a sense of trust and reliability. 

Professionalism can extend to how your logo looks, how you talk to customers about your website, your domain, email, your brand appearance, but also your appearance as well. Looking unprofessional tends to lead to the idea of being untrustworthy, which is something you’ll want to completely avoid. Aesthetics are a great way to establish professionalism.

Aesthetics have been making a massive impact for centuries. It’s important to know how apparent they are and understand that this isn’t some temporary business trend. There is a lot of psychology behind aesthetics that shouldn’t be avoided.

The importance of aesthetics in the workplace

While it’s true that your brand and products need to have an aesthetic appearance and design, the workspace also holds very high importance as well. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of an aesthetic appearance within the workplace and are aiming to create positive changes. This includes the exterior and the interior as well. While it’s true that an aesthetic workspace can make the surroundings look pretty, there are far more reasons why it matters and how it benefits you and your employees.

Increase in employee satisfaction

Not only do customers love beautiful spaces, but so do employees! Humans are attracted to beautiful imagery so it’s only natural that an employee is going to want that too. You’ll want to think about creating a space that can bring happiness, contentment, serenity, tranquility, and other positive emotions.  While these are feelings that tend to be created in gorgeous outdoor landscapes, there is also the potential to create them indoors as well. Workers value a pleasing aesthetic appearance in their workspaces. It makes them happy and it brings in other benefits such as motivation.

Proper reflection of your business

The aesthetics of the interior and the exterior of your business are a solid reflection of your business. If you’re looking to hire talent or reel in customers to your storefront, then you must have a beautiful outside space and the interior must be top-notch as well. People will immediately feel uneasy if they see cracks in a building, dead plants everywhere, poorly furnished space, and dim lighting. First impressions matter which is why you need to make sure that your business looks visually appealing both inside and out.

Appearances matter as this is how you’ll be judged. Your workspace will speak volumes about you, your business, and even your team. But providing proper lighting, nice Commercial Wall Decor, a good color scheme, ergonomic office chairs, and natural lighting, shows that you care about yourself, your employees, and the product or service that you’re selling.

More productivity

Whether you’re working by yourself or have a whole team by your side, there is no doubt that a happy worker is a satisfied worker. Satisfied workers are far more productive.  Being in one place the whole day makes the mind wander, and energy can be lost. But beautiful spaces, with an aesthetic appearance, especially with a lot of natural lighting, tend to easily get the mind back into the right headspace to work.

How to take advantage of workspace aesthetics?

An aesthetic appearance can have a major impact on your business, how you’re perceived, and work performance, it’s safe to assume that aesthetics need to be taken advantage of.  It’s fairly simple to take advantage of workspace aesthetics. If you go to any search engine and type in “beautiful offices”, you’re going to see a lot of gorgeous imagery of workspaces that are no doubt expensive. However, creating an aesthetic workspace doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether this is a storefront, office space, or even just a home office you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a beautiful and aesthetically appealing workspace. It can simply just include:

  • Plants
  • Natural lighting
  • Personalization
  • Good signage
  • Open space
  • Cohesive color scheme
  • Ergonomic furniture

These all have the power to create a powerful impact on the space itself but also how the business is perceived by others.

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