Why London Connections Make For Capital Business

London is a business capital Business doesn’t get better than it is in London right now. This, the current business capital, has earned its title by being a real company hub. Everyone from HSBC to Virgin has headquarters here, and all UK companies looking for success look straight to the London market. If you want to wow clients even in your early days, then, you too need to consider forming some connections to your capital.

Obviously, being able to afford a London office is the ideal. Even if that’s not an option right now, a London-based registered office address service or co-working space could work wonders. Even just being able to say that you’ve worked with London clients could be connection enough to start with. But, you needn’t take our word for it. Instead, we’re going to break down the four main benefits your business could enjoy from even a tenuous London link.

A professional appearance

The moment people hear mention of the capital in relation to your company, they’ll hold a particular image of you in their minds. No spoilers, but the chances are that it’ll be a good one. This is especially the case if you’re a small business with a London location. Let’s face it; a warehouse in Hull doesn’t exactly have the same ring. London locations aren’t cheap, after all, and a capital address is sure to show you as a determined and forward-thinking entrepreneur with plenty of funds behind you. That’s the case even if the address doesn’t technically belong to you! Locations aside, even saying you’ve worked within London sets a professional precedent which could leave a lingering impression in client minds.

Proof that you can stand up in a competitive market

Business competition is extreme in London. As we mentioned at the start of this post, this is home to some huge names. As such, being able to say you’ve impressed London clients regardless could see your reputation soaring. The same rules apply for a London location. This is a sought-after area, after all, and you will have had to stand against the crowd to earn your place within it. It takes guts and a whole lot of business know-how to manage that. Don’t be shy, then, to list your London address clearly on all your business correspondence, or even include all your London customers in the client section on your website. The more people who hear about your connections here, the better chance you have at feeling their benefits.

Financial connections in London

Speaking of connections, London also has significant financial connections to boast about. In fact, a global study in 2015 revealed that London is now the leading centre of global finance, beating even New York. In layman’s terms, that means London is now where the money is. And, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you want your name associated with that money. Let’s face it; most clients are more liable to do business with a company which seems to be booming from a cash angle. Investors, too, will be more willing to take risks on a business which looks like it’s hitting the monetary big-time. As such, even the smallest London links could see you earning a lot more than you might have otherwise. Business is all about appearances, remember, and London makes you look (and indeed, helps you to get) richer.

Scope for advancement

No one wants to waste time or money on a business which isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re aiming to work with top company names or individual clients, then, it’s down to you to prove that you aren’t stagnating. A promise of continual product development is, really, the only way to build that loyal customer base you need to survive. Luckily, London is also a centre for business advancements. In many ways, this need for continual changes is due to the competitive market we mentioned at the start of this post. But, whatever’s behind it, this London-based focus on growth shows your customers that your company is for life, not just for one purchase. If you can prove that you do a lot of business in London, after all, customers will already know to expect big things given that you have to push to keep up with the best.

It isn’t rocket science, then. London connections should be some of the first you aim to make on your business journey. You never know; even a short business trip to the capital now could see you buying an office in Canary Wharf one day.


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