13 Benefits of Guest Posting

13 Benefits of Guest Posting

There are many methods and routes to take when it comes to marketing and advertising your business, company or brand. One of those methods is part of Search Engine Optimization that focuses highly on writing articles as a guest contributor on other websites and pages. The fact that you are creating content for other companies and sites puts the practice in question as to why you would do so. However, there are many benefits that come with being a contributor even if it isn't your own page. Here are 13 examples of why companies need to consider guest posting.

1. Becoming A Trusted Resource

One of the benefits of guest posting is that as you write and create more content on other platforms and outlets, you begin to build a portfolio and a knowledge base. This collection that you share with readers and consumers creates a profile of trust, allowing you to become a reliable source of knowledge. This only benefits yourself as search engines are more inclined to rank your blog post highly for the content in searches, and that will help translate to your business.

2. Organic Advertising

Blog posting on other websites creates a different form of advertising that feels more genuine and organic. Consumers are smarter and are less likely to click on advertisements. They want their products to come from recommendations of trusted sources, they want to feel some sort of personal interaction. This is why influencers are so popular in this current age, as they create interactions that do not feel too product focused. In this wave of needing a more real experience, many online users are wary of traditional advertising tactics and install measures such as ad blockers to cut down on the clutter they see on screen. Guest posting on blogs and other platforms allows you to bypass that with a more connected interaction, one that allows you to even convey more information and details about services and products.

3. Building Authority

Search engine optimization is one of the main forms of online marketing that deals with guest posting. SEO uses Domain or Page Authority as a means of measurement, which essentially means that gravity that certain sites have when it comes to online searches. This authority can be built up in a variety of ways, but must be done so in a manner that the search engines recognize as genuine and not gaming of the system. One of the ways in which a company can increase their authority is through SirLinksalot Guest Posts, which use data taken from traffic coming into your sites through links and factor in a variety of information to determine your score. Simply having links to your pages from other sites does not guarantee good authority, it must come from other trusted sites that provide services, information and content to their readers. In order to benefit from these links, guest posters must ensure the sites they write for have a strong presence and good authority as well.

4. Building A Network of Links

As you continue to write and create an increasing amount of content with other websites, you not only build a profile of authority and trust, you are also creating a network of links. All these links that are feeding into your business or online pages can also be used to link to each other, interconnecting the articles and posts you've created. This helps feed the authority or gravity that search engines are looking for, while also driving customers and traffic towards the same domains. This network becomes more and more useful the longer you write, as you may source your articles with previous works and in doing so create a symbiotic system where all the traffic and attention is given to your network and you do not lose any of it to other links.

5. Traffic Increase To Your Site

The obvious benefit of guest posting is the increase of traffic and users that visit your page. Every guest post you create will have links that connect to your desired websites. The more links you have on the internet, the more doors, the more pathways you have for users to find your business. You are writing content that will entice people to visit your page and each and every page visit is tracked by search engines, giving you more authority and increasing your rankings on search queries. The more you create, the more exposure you gain, the more traffic you get, which increases the likelihood of people purchasing your goods or services. It's that simple.

6. Quality Consumers

When you consider that the main benefit of guest posting is the traffic you are getting to come to your sites and pages, many focus on the number of users. The overall traffic is, however, not the best indicator of how successful your business will be, as only a small portion of those users will end up being interested and paying customers. This is why sharing links is not as simple as bombarding different sites and forums. At the end of the day, you want interested customers and guest posting allows you to connect with consumers that have already an interest in your products. This is because when you are linking your products or services on articles that you write, you are ensuring that they are related to the content. This means that any readers on these sites already have a mindset that is open and interested, and clicking your links will mean that you are bringing in more quality users as opposed to uninterested parties.

7. Bring In New Audience

In addition to prioritizing interested customers that are inclined to spend more time on your pages, posting content on other sites allows you to connect with audiences that are outside your target market. This won’t always result in increases in sales and businesses, but they are important for building your brand and creating hype around your company. This works at a subconscious level as these users may not be looking for your services at the moment, but having the name or information in the back of their heads with lowered attention spans can act as a catalyst later on when they do need something similar to what you provide. Of course, it is always important to simply have those traffic numbers coming through to your pages because even the uninterested users can result in a quality client if they have a positive interaction with information you share, or the experience your website provides.

8. Returning Audience Growth

One of the benefits of guest blogging, in relation to the network of information that you are providing, is creating a system that is conducive of returning users. As previously stated, you will see a boost in traffic but more importantly in the amount of users that are interested through your content. These users won't simply be the one time users, but returning customers. In business, it is far more expensive to attain new customers than it is to keep old ones. This is why so many companies have subscriptions and membership benefit options with their brands. Guest posting helps develop a community for your clients that will continue to provide them with helpful information while ensuring they are satisfied with your business. This is especially important for growing businesses and through expansion, as the positive experiences that keep users returning will also turn into shared experiences that entice and bring new customers.

13 Benefits of Guest Posting on Blogs

9. Long Term Collaboration With Host Sites

One of the key benefits of guest posting is the development of the relationship between you and your host sites. These sites get content from you while you gain traffic from them. This is a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial for all parties involved. This relationship will continue to grow in the future as opportunities present themselves. As a guest writer, you will be able to return to these host sites to share new links, connect more pages, and websites, while the hosts continue to see quality content from you. Businesses will also see benefits as they can continue to use sites for referrals and more links as well. Running a business is not a short term endeavor, and building these long lasting relationships is important for any company's long term plans and future outlook.

10. Networking With Interested Businesses

Creating guest posts is not just beneficial to the host sites, and not only limited to that professional relationship, but can provide opportunity to foster new business relationships too. The more you share content and information with users, the bigger your online presence. Of course, most of these translate to customer centric mentalities and focuses. However, you will find that having certain expertise in different areas of interest will attract other professionals to seek out your services. This can mean several things, from guest speaking on other business platforms, creating other business opportunities in B2B scenarios, or developing a wider network of professionals. The benefits of guest posting in the long term can have exponential growth with unlimited potential.

11. Increases Social Media Footprint

As the world becomes more digital, businesses need to expand their reach digitally. This is important for both local and global growth. Users are spending more time on their phones and are using alternative means of communication and entertainment. Guest posting provides users the opportunity to share content on a variety of mediums. This is important to note depending on your target markets, but as the years progress, the digital space is home to everyone. Shareability of your content is key, and when you are putting your information on other sites, you want to do so with that in mind. Creating content that is easy to digest and pass on is how it will find its way onto other platforms, allowing you to grow through social media as part of your marketing strategy.

12. Professional Communication

One of the benefits of guest posting is the ability to practice and develop your communication skills. Running a business is about building relationships, both with consumers and other professionals in your industry. There are different manners in which you build these relationships and learning how to do so through first hand experience is a beneficial tool for any growing company. If you are choosing to create the content and do the writing yourself as a business owner and not outsource your articles, you will be able to hone your skills in the written form as well. This allows you to ensure that all the information you want to relay unto the readers will make its way through, but also learning how to be concise and effective in your delivery will translate well in your long term careers.

13. Improved Market Strategizing

Guest posting on other host websites provides you a way to learn about your overall marketing strategy and helps you to understand in a more hands on approach. Unlike hiring a marketing team to do the research for you, guest posting allows you insight on what works in terms of trends, patterns, and writing styles that readers and users will find most engaging. Having this window into your readers eyes will allow you to create and develop other aspects of your marketing strategy. Seeing a surge in certain products or events through your target market, you can use those to create relative content on social media. Noticing other companies taking certain steps to become more socially or politically conscious, this provides you the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and not have to be as reactive. Having a close eye on what is going on through awareness allows you to make quicker decisions in your marketing and business that will translate to better success.


Guest posting on other host sites can be a very effective marketing tool in the right hands. These benefits are seen by many parties, not solely limited to one over the other. From the increase in traffic and the exposure of your company, to simply building better business relationships with other professionals and the end consumer, guest posting creates benefits for an entire community.

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