What is Google PhotoScan and How Do You Use It?

Google PhotoScan / Photo Credit: Google

Social media and phone cameras have made it easy to share moments, but for those memories that aren’t captured by a device, sharing can be a challenge. Even with a flatbed scanner, converting photos to digital was never easy, and always time-consuming. That’s all changed now with the debut of Google PhotoScan, the new method for digitizing those old pictures.

It’s done via the Google PhotoScan app for both iOS and Android. Google Photo has been on phones for about 2 years. It gives people a place for pictures that frees up phone memory and keeps them from being lost. Now Google has expanded the app, giving all your old images a future.

Save your old photos for the future

Google PhotoScan works with your smartphone’s camera but goes way beyond taking a picture of a picture. The app offers automatic edge correction, perspective correction, and smart rotation. Google PhotoScan stitches multiple images of the same picture together, eliminating glare and reflections, improving the overall quality of your scan.

It also makes the photos searchable and organized, as well as preserving them digitally. You don’t need to dig through album after album of old photos anymore. You can also apply filters and digital effects.

It’s a pretty simple process to import photos via Google PhotoScan. First, you align the photo with the box on your screen. Once you start scanning, the app will have you move your phone over the image so it can capture different angles. Once all needed angles are captured, the app will alert you and your photo is scanned.

Organize your photos with Google PhotoScan

Once the scanning is done, the app organizes your pictures by categorizing them through facial recognition.

You can also edit the scanned photos via Google PhotoScan. A simple auto-correct feature can be used, or you can use the advanced photo tools to tweak the images to your liking. Those familiar with the old Google Photos editing tools will be happy to know they’ve been fully updated, and on par with the editing tools featured in Google+ before Google Photos was broken off into a separate app.

Google brought PhotoScan to the masses before Thanksgiving, to give people a chance to preserve their memories as families gathered around the old photo albums. This is perhaps the biggest update to Google’s photo products since 2015. The introduction of Google PhotoScan makes their suite of tools the best solution to preserving precious memories or even preserving old product and company photos!


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