What are the fastest-growing tech startups?

What are the fastest-growing tech companies?

Forming a tech company may take a few hours. If you have skills, manpower, and fund, it sounds good to start your journey. But, the percentage of successful tech companies is very small. In contrast, some IT solution providers are growing smoothly. Some tech startups are still performing well due to perfect planning and operation. In this post, we are sharing the seven fastest-growing tech startups of the world to inspire you. Let’s go ahead.

Apply Up

Recruitment is quite tough nowadays. You find a ton of candidates, but they may lack essential skills and the minimum requirements for the specified job. Apply Up is a wonderful recruitment management system that reduces business owners’ hassles. It connects both job seekers and employers for a perfect matched recruiting. Their system offers remote hiring, virtual interview, professional profiles, and more with minimal effort. Apply Up is becoming popular due to saving time and sweats of HR managers around the world.


E-commerce owners will definitely love Tradegecko (now Quickbooks Commerce) because it covers almost everything they need. No matter which app you use for your business, TradeGecko integrates well with all of them. The cloud-based platform offers powerful inventory management software that manages your sales, orders, payment, and customer communication. The platform is very popular among online entrepreneurs and has a massive user base. They transacted billions of dollars in the last few years which helped to build their brand and trust among users as well.

What is the biggest obstacle to making a small business digitized? Perhaps, the reply from the most users will be coding. EasySend ensures to turn all paperwork into digital with zero coding knowledge and experience awesome revenue growth. One thing to note that Easysend provides digital solutions for banks and insurance particularly. The platform allows gathering customer data with minimal effort through its no-code platform. Besides, it offers managing data integrity and optimization facilities. 


Altoros has nineteen years of experience to offer enterprise-grade IT solutions. The company provides AI-based cloud solutions that are essential for both small and large businesses. Besides, they offer blockchain development and AI services. In recent, Altoros includes AI-based Covid-19 solutions in their services. The team is formed with some expert and innovative people who are highly committed to achieving the company goal. 

Automation Anywhere

Automation has gained a lot of attention and is one of the most-talked-about topics in the tech start-up world. It is even being considered as a threat to employment too. But, automation is not so menacing when it comes to saving time and manual efforts. The company was founded on the basis of that thought. Now, it is providing automation services for businesses like insurance, banks, healthcare, and more. They offer very flexible solutions based on your needs and functions. 


A promotional campaign is no new concept in this digital world. There are a ton of ad networks that are ready to promote your business. But, Yoose is highly focused on location-based promotion. Pinpoint local promotional campaign is highly effective for small businesses to attract potential customers. For providing these specified services, Yoose is acquiring popularity among clients. Yoose combines the latest technologies and applies precise promotional strategies to have the maximum output in each campaign thus putting it on the list of the fastest-growing tech startups.

Sage IT inc

Sage IT helps to build a modern business setup and provides essential solutions like cognitive automation and customer interactions. They claim to be a leading IT service provider who is committed to user satisfaction.  

That’s a quick overview on the fastest-growing tech startups.  As can be seen, human and machine communication is a big deal for all levels of businesses. Automation and AI advancements are continuing. They are still growing and evolving after fifteen years of a starting journey.