What Are The Advantages Of Printed Bags For A Company?

What Are The Advantages Of Printed Bags For A Company

If you have a company or business of any kind, you may be considering the possibility of personalizing your bags, which will undoubtedly be a very successful idea since it will allow you to make a significant leap in quality. If this is your case, in our cheap printed bags you will find your best ally, since we have a wide variety of available fabric bags and other totally responsible fabrics, which will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Printed, personalized, and advertising bags are good for many reasons. Companies, charities, and event organizers can reap many benefits by handing out promotional bags. But why are these printed or promotional bags so successful? Why go to the effort of designing, printing and distributing these promotional bags if they are free products? There are many reasons why these printed bags are so effective, but here are 6 advantages we will see of printed bags for a company.

Immediate Use: 

When the company gives out free promotional merchandise reusable bags, people need something they can load these items into. We do not want people to store merchandise in a suitcase or trunk where it is not visible. This is the perfect opportunity to show your logo or slogan. Plus, there is the possibility that these bags will be reused. Consider a printed reusable bag like the ones you can see at Ecoduka.

Target Public In A Wide Geographical Space:

The people you hand out the bags to at an event are likely from the same profession. For example, a manager attending a conference, surgeons learning about new advances in medicine, or music lovers at the same music festival. This helps companies reach their niche with minimal effort.

Another actuality is that there are a lot of different places where the public comes from.Many people in public could come from different countries which could help your brand to spread to different markets.

Preservation of the Environment:

Our cheap printed bags are made with totally environmentally responsible materials, so by getting them you will be collaborating directly with the preservation of our planet, showing that you care about ecology. We manufacture our bags following totally respectful processes; we also have the most advanced printing technology, which allows us to use water-based inks that greatly minimize the impact on nature.

Effective Advertising:

The use of personalized bags as an advertising tool is much more effective than other products. Wearing a personalized t-shirt with your logo is not as effective, since it will not cause the same effect on people.

“A hefty 89% of respondents recalled advertising on personalized bags. This means that on average 84% of respondents recalled advertising on products”

Economic Alternative: 

Personalized bags are an inexpensive way to increase your clientele. By giving these bags you make sure you give away a useful product that people can reuse on various occasions. Also if you choose the right design you can deliver a fashionable bag that can be used for travel or shopping – which will give you free publicity as long as the user is satisfied with the bag.

Large Advertising Area: 

Using printed bags means you will have each client who buys in your business advertising for you the moment they leave. Everyone will see the bag printed with your business logo and name. Thus, increasing the chances of capturing the public's attention and attracting new customers.

This is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise your business since it is not aggressive at all. In addition, the image of a printed bag will be much better than that of the typical plastic bag.

The large space you have to print on is as as big an entire page of a magazine. On it, you can print your logo, but you could also print information about your brand. This can increase customers contacting you. Or, you could print images that are related to the specific audience to which you are targeting.

How we do them:

  • Your illustrations will be printed directly with digital printing or screen printing
  • We print any image in any tone or color you want
  • Digital printing or screen printing could be washed many times before the image quality fades
  • Please follow the instructions for the proper care of the bags

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