How to Grow your Career with Social Media

What are tips for how to grow your career with social media?  What are pitfalls to avoid?

Is "flash mob law" a real  thing?

If a person sends someone naked pics digitally, can the recipient post them online?

All this and more covered in a great interview with lawyer, author, and speaker Ruth Carter!


Ruth is an out-of-the-box attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, who loves solving problems, particularly in the areas of Internet Law, Social Media Law and Flash Mob Law.  Ruth lives and breathes social media and is co-founder of  Improv AZ, a prank & flash mob troupe in Phoenix.  In addition to her practice, Ruth speaks on how new graduates and law firms can use social media to enhance their career and grow their practice.

Ruth has authored a number of books, including, "The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed".  I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth in the law office of our fellow friend, the Enchanting Lawyer, Jacob Sapochnick in San Diego, earlier this year where she was on a road trip called "The Undeniable Tour".

I was immediately captured by Ruth's enthusiasm, spirit, and non-traditional approach to law.  She's not called "The First Legal Rebel from Arizona" for nothing!

Our Topic:

How to Grow Your Career with Social Media

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Key Tips and Takeaways for Using Social Media to Advance Your Career

  1. What are the foundations that are critical for Career Growth with Social Media?

Communication.  It's two way.  It used to be one-way and basically was "buy my stuff".  Now it's interactive.  You need to be providing way more value up front.  Providing value and building real relationships is key to the sale coming.  Take care of your profiles, clean them up.

What you share online, stays online!


  1. What are common missteps you see people make?

If you sound like a billboard, you are doing it wrong!   A billboard makes a quick sales pitch.  It is one-way communication that is "at" you, now "with" you.

If you start and then abandon, it's a problem!  You can get a phone line and then never answer the phone. That's bad business and most people know that. However, so many do the same thing with their social media accounts.  They start them and then basically abandon them.  You can't do that!  Better to start small by being on only 1-2 networks than to start wide and not follow through.


  1. What about different networks, should they focus on a network(s), and how/why focus on particular networks?

You need to look where your target audience is hanging out.  You need to be where they are!

Ask, "Who are my people?"  Where are they playing?

[Tweet "Yes! "Be where your people are online! Ask, "Who are my people? Where do they play?" via @RBCarter w/ @Mike_Gingerich #HalftimeMike"]

Ask yourself, "How much bandwidth do I have?"  It's better to do one to two networks well than to do many networks poorly!


  1. Are there differences in what you recommend for college grads versus adults in the workforce changing roles?

- Building your initial network is key for college grads.  Build connections in your niche and in your industry, but constantly be building!

For workforce adults, think about it this way.  A potential employer wants to know what you bring to the table for them.  Show them, "This is my expertise and these are my relationships I can bring to add value to your firm."

The 3-2-1 tips and info plan

- If you were going to give 3 "first-step" tips to a new college grad, what would they be?

  1. Figure out who you want to be affiliated with. Who do you want to hang out with and have a drink with? Do "homey" shopping. You are setting your course now and you better like who you are going to hang with!
  2. Look to provide value!  Value is essential. You have to give it away to earn more opportunities.
  3. Find ways to bring connections offline. Get face-to-face meetings.  Online is the opener, face-to-face cements relationship!

-  Now for the lawyers out there,  2 tips for elevating their use of social media in their law practice

  1. Start a blog! Write about your audiences needs, your potential clients!
  2. Leverage your blog by being active on social media. Make it part of your daily routine.  Share your content and talk with others on social media!

- 1 Top Tip for life!

"Don't let your fear stifle you. Accept that you're going to make mistakes - just be able to recover from them. If you're not fucking up, you're not in the game." - Ruth Carter

-Don't let your fear stifle you.- (1)


That's the quick summary!  Listen in for full details.

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Question of the Week...

Is it illegal to Post Others' Naked Photos Online?

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What are your thoughts and questions?

Share your thoughts below!

Inspirational Moment

As I've noted, I want to start including a inspirational spot.  We all need to be moved in our heart.  This elevates our thinking, encourages us, and inspires us to live higher and better than any negative around us!

My inspirational moment this week comes from North Carolina. It's the story of Kayla Montgomery, a young lady who was diagnosed with MS but discovered she's a gifted distance runner after having to give up contact sports.  She is an elite young athlete who loses feeling in her legs when running and crashes upon finishing, where she needs to be caught by a coach.  It's a story of overcoming challenges doing all you can with what you've got.

Video:  There's more to the story as well.

In her final high school state track championship race she falls early in the race after getting tangled with other runners.  Far back and in last place  by far, Kayla charges throughout the race to ultimately take the lead and...

It's a moving few minutes and worth your time!  For just the final race, go to the 9:30 mark in the video.


C'mon, are your problems insurmountable now?

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