How to use Google AdWords for your SEO campaign

How to use Google AdWords for your SEO campaign

Google Ad is a Google-owned operating software that works on a PPC advertisement. When using Google Adwords, you pay Google a token whenever someone hits your link. This paid form of advertisement assists companies in being seen by interested clients and ranks their Ads highest on the search engine's result page.

Many entrepreneurs trying to build an SEO campaign still don't understand how Google AdWords works. This article will shed light on using Google Adwords for a successful SEO campaign. 

Types of Google Ads campaign strategies

First, Let's explore the different types of Google Ads strategies you should know. 

1. Search Ads Campaign

This is a written form and is a paid search. In this type of Ad, you create a text or a phrase and post it as an Ad. You must be careful when creating a search ad because you have limited space. This Google Ad gives business owners the chance to be viewed as seen in search results when customers have the intent to buy or engage.

2. Display campaign Ads

Google comprises many sites within various industries which showcase ads from Google. These types of ads are usually on other platforms and are as images. The images usually draw attention away from the content and encourage the viewer to click the image. The site owners are paid whenever a viewer clicks on the image.

3. Shopping Ads

Like any other ad, shopping ads are displayed on the top page of search engine results. It contains an image, a detailed product description, and a link to buy the required product. A business owner can choose to market particular brand products instead of the full product. This helps to meet clients who intend to buy or engage in a specified product. 


4. Video Campaign Ads

Google owns YouTube, enabling ads to be showcased when using video content as a marketing form for your company. They are mostly showing this ad on popular YouTube channels and targeting a greater reach audience globally. They use these ads for re-targeting or staying relevant in the customer's mind.

Another very popular way of using videos is throughout video reviews

Is Google AdWords optimal?

It's highly preferred to other forms of advertisement, and it is recommended for new and small businesses (even if they need to hire an agency to help them). Considering that Google AdWords has existed for more than a decade. It gives the users a more sure and trusted platform to advertise their product and ensures business owners that potential clients will see their products.

Here are three pros of using Google Adwords for SEO. 

  • You get quick results. 

As a business owner, using SEO alone to rank a website is not an effective SEO campaign strategy compared to using Google Ads to rank a page higher. SEO may take up to 6- 12 months to rank high, this is confirmed by James Ewen of SEOtagg, but with a small token and understanding of how Google Adwords works, your page ranks higher in a short amount of time. SEO proposals are a great way to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. They allow you time for research and planning, which means that when it comes down actual implementation there won't be any surprises.

  • It has tracking features.

Google Adwords helps the users track how well their ads are doing when published. It helps the business owners to know if their ads are working or not, and they can tweak them to ensure the ads rank higher. It assists business owners in choosing the devices where their ads should be ranked and the desired schedule for their ads. 

For example, an Ad can be scheduled to show from Mondays to Fridays from 8 am–7 pm. This saves company costs and helps them reach their desired audience when running an SEO campaign strategy.

  • Huge return on investments 

Economic impact reports that business owners make an average of $2 for every dollar spent on AdWords. This helps business owners spend less and gain more sales while using Google ads as advertisements for their business. 

How to use Google AdWords for SEO?

How to use Google Adword for your SEO campaign 2

1. Create an outstanding landing page 

This is the first thing potential customers see when they hit your Google ads. Your landing page must be easy for the customer to navigate and understand your landing page has to speak for you. Use project management software to plan and create a befitting landing page for your business. Consider certain factors after creating the landing page. 

Does it take time for the page to load? Is the landing page hard for clients to understand? Are the words used easily to navigate? You must consider these and more when creating and optimizing the landing page.

2. Create a Google ads word account

How to use Google Adword for your SEO campaign

A Google Adwords account is very easy to create and set up. Once you enter the necessary information, follow the laid-out prompts and start customizing your account. 

3. Search your keywords 

This is a necessity for any Google AdWords to become a success and rank high on the search engine. Knowing the keywords that potential clients are likely to search for helps you reach targeted clients instead of ending up on the pages of clients that don't need your services. 

Using a long-tail keyword is important and must be specified in Google ads. For example, if you are in a fashion business that produces clothes for plus-size women, instead of putting fashion in your article, use specific and long-tail keywords such as "plus-size fashion." 

This contextually targets to specific customers who intend to buy or engage in plus-size fashion women's clothes. If you have problems searching for keywords, use the keyword planner by Google. It gives you insight into what potential clients are looking for and other content ideas to enable your page to rank higher. Use funnel templates to understand your customer journey better, as this will give you an idea of how to target them better. 

4. Make a campaign 

Once you set up your account and keyword research, it is time to make a campaign. There are things you'll need to form your campaign ad, such as: 

  • Pick a campaign type: This enables one to choose the goal of their campaign, and it includes search, display, discovery smart, etc. It helps the search engines know the intended market you desire. 
  • Determining budget and audience: you'll be charged daily when someone hits your link, so you need to make a budget that suits you perfectly. Picking an audience is mostly done based on location. It depends on the objective of the Ad. Is it reaching a local or international market?
  • Set up a bid: Google Adwords is almost like an auction where the highest bidder takes home the price. Remember, I said almost. While you may have some business owners who bid very high, their page may not be highly ranked on the search engine page, and why? They have bad content. Google cares too much for their users and wants them to engage in bad content as it lowers their amount of users, so even if a lower website bided less but has great content, their page would rank higher. It's important to know that while bidding, ensure you have quality content. 

 Planning a bidding strategy can make your business cost-effective and help you gain more profit. The money you budget is what you pay Google whenever anyone clicks on the link. 

5. Create your ads 

Creating an ad is the most critical part and must be given much thought. Google Adwords gives two spaces for headlines and space for description. Each of these requirements has limited space. Your page title must be engaging and contain at least one keyword from your search. The description must be short and informative, conveying your brand's message to the reader. Ensure to place a call of action and double-check for grammatical errors.


Google Adwords is a powerful tool that every business owner must use to get more sales on their business. It's cost-effective, especially for small-scale businesses with insufficient funds for marketing. Good quality content of the business page and moderate bidding improves the ads from ranking highly on Google. 

Google Adwords help companies in their SEO campaign as one can run different ads for their business. It also gives companies assurance that the ads would meet their intended audience. 


Andrej Fedek is the creator and the one-person owner of the InterCool Studio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO. Besides being a boss, he is a real team player with a great sense of equality.

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