Unique Marketing Tricks for Startups to Take Advantage Of

Unique Marketing Tricks for Startups to Take Advantage Of

Marketing can be an incredibly complex task that requires you to be on your toes at all times. You need to always be in tune with your audience, listening to their feedback and trying to understand what trends you can take advantage of. However, once you grow large enough, a company can afford to throw money at problems such as marketing. They can pump millions or even billions into their marketing efforts and grow their businesses without fail, essentially controlling market trends and manipulating consumers to their will.

Unfortunately, a small business can’t do this. Smaller companies need to use different marketing tricks in order to take a creative approach to marketing their startup–they can’t just throw money at the problem. So in this post, we’re going to offer a couple of unique ways that a small business can improve their brand exposure.

Get savvy on social media

Social media will always be one of the best ways for a small business to get big and noticed. However, you need to make sure that you provide some kind of value to your audience in order to get followers and likes. For instance, some companies like to create personas for their online social media presence.  A good example of this is the large number of companies roasting their followers on social media. While it can seem completely backwards to insult your customers, it can actually help with your exposure if done with the intention of being humorous.

Answer questions on websites like Quora

A sneaky marketing trick to get a bit of exposure is to actually answer questions on websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. This is a great way to expose your product if it can help to solve a question that someone has asked. Alternatively, you can set up your profile as the CEO or manager of a specific company and answer questions while representing your company for a bit of extra exposure.

Use surprise QR codes

QR codes have been used for a long time as ways to contain a phone number, web address or lots of information in a single small code that is scanned with a phone. However, QR codes have always had an air of mystery about them because it’s difficult to tell where they’ll lead. You can start using QR codes on promotional products, on images on your social media accounts and even in marketing campaigns to add a little surprise for your audience. You can even add things like discount coupons to your QR codes. Look for a guide on how to make QR code labels and start adding them to your content for a little surprise.

Get involved in communities

People tend to dislike it when marketing teams of a company invade the communities that they’re trying to advertise too. However, if you actually become a part of that community and offer value in the form of unbiased content and information, it can actually help to improve your reputation and trustworthiness. If you make any mistakes, then being accountable and responding to those communities will be a great way to stabilize your reputation.  So, offering real value is one of the key "marketing tricks" to use.

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