Understanding Facebook Sequential Advertising: A Beginner's Guide

Understanding Facebook Sequential Advertising: A Beginner's Guide

“The best Facebook ads look and feel as relevant and timely in your News Feed as the posts you see from your friends.” -Mari Smith.

Looking for a new creative way to reach and engage with potential customers using Facebook ads? If so, understanding Facebook's sequential advertising is a great place to start. Sequential advertising takes advantage of the vast reach and personalized targeting available on Facebook ads to ensure that customers receive messages tailored specifically for them.

With this comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide, you will better understand how to execute effective campaigns that maximize results! So if you're curious about making the most of your ad budget and want to get up to speed on the ins and outs of sequential advertising, keep reading!

What is Sequential Advertising?

Sequential advertising is a great way to keep your audience’s attention and optimize their experience. By avoiding displaying the same ad multiple times and providing your audience with engaging content throughout their mission on devices, you create an enjoyable consumer experience without worrying about them becoming bored or annoyed.


Using innovative technology, sequential advertising follows the consumer’s journey as they use multiple devices. This ensures that each ad they are presented with is one they haven’t yet seen.

Why use Sequential Advertising?

Sequential advertising has its advantages, helping businesses attract more customers while building trust and engagement.

Here are some reasons to choose this approach:

  • Higher conversion rates

Recent statistics show that using two or more ads can result in a massive 14-17x increase in conversion rates (source). When an ad is shown multiple times with unique concepts sequentially, potential customers are more likely to remember it and then convert.

  • Retargeting the same audience

This isn't just about running ads sequentially; it also allows you to select the behavior before showing each ad and craft an experience tailored specifically for them.

  • Avoids ad fatigue

Seeing the same ad, again and again, won't spark customer interest. But this series of ads will.

  • Draws in a new audience

This type of Facebook ad can also draw in new people outside of a specific niche so businesses can reach a more extensive base of qualified users.

Furthermore, it allows companies to increase their lifetime value as a good impression is made by frequent sequential ads while also strengthening the relationship with customers even after they make purchases.

Who can use it?

Sequential advertising is an engaging way to create a deeper customer relationship due to its storytelling structure.

  • It's an excellent tool for companies with complicated products or services. This is because it allows them to break down the messaging into natural steps. These then guide the consumer down the funnel.
  • Additionally, it benefits lesser-known brands that need to boost awareness before serving up a call to action.

Finally, when done successfully, it is a powerful way to reach a wider audience through several different ads that each play their part in telling the story.

How to get started with Facebook Sequential Advertising?

Advertising on Facebook is becoming even more powerful and efficient with the new reach-and-frequency buying feature.

With this tool, users can create up to 50 different ads that can be displayed in various orders to diverse audiences. This helps businesses maximize their ad potential by allowing greater control over who views certain ads and when.

Reach-and-frequency buying is currently available for select accounts. However, there are plans to roll it out for the general public soon. It is a great way to take control of your ad campaign on Facebook.

You can also decide the exact cost you'll be spending ahead of time. Thus, you won't be surprised when all is said and done. With the reach-and-frequency setup, you can choose exactly when your target audience sees your ads. You can also select the order in which they view them, and how many times they're exposed to each ad.

Moreover, with Facebook's sequencing advertising tool, once one ad has been seen, it automatically serves up the next ad. Therefore, ensuring your ads are seen by the people you want.

Final words

With Facebook sequential advertising, businesses of all sizes can create targeted campaigns that reach their audience in meaningful and engaging ways. It makes budgeting more manageable and allows for more effective targeting. Thus, ensuring your Facebook ads reach people interested in what you offer. So now that you understand sequential ads, it’s time to set up your campaigns and get results!

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