Creating Low Cost Videos for Lead Generation

Simple videos can be powerful for lead generation. Videos of any type, even low cost videos for lead generation, can be a scary thought for many small businesses but they truly are “doable” for nearly all businesses.  The KEY is that you need to have a plan!

It does not need to require a professional videographer for most of your videos and they can be done in an effective way for those with no budget and those whose team members are camera shy.

Ready to learn more about low cost videos for lead generation?  Let’s dive into how!

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VIDEO PODCAST: Creating Low Cost Videos for Lead Generation

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I dive into the strategies and current methods that can help you success.

The How of Low Cost Video Production for Lead Generation

Low cost lead generation video is important with the surge in video watching online and particularly in social media.  It's said that a "picture is worth a thousand words" and really you need to multiply that 3x for video.  Videos can education, build trust, encourage, inform, and sell....and all at the same time.

Step #1: Identify the Video Goals and Target

Before you do anything, map the project by clearly defining your goals, target audience, budget (if any!), assets, equipment, and what would make your video successful. These should be discussed within your team and an agreement reached before the actual shooting starts. Once that’s done …

Step #2: Script the Video

Some videos can be done without a script. However, most business videos need a script. Why?

Scripting reduces editing.  A scripted video typically requires less editing.  Scripting helps you stay on time

Without scripting, you’re likely to end up with a video that’s longer than necessary.

In the absence of a script, you’ll lose the plot and lose your viewers along the way.

Keep the script short. A two-minute video takes a 350-word script.

That being said, for short social media videos I do not use a word for word script.  I use bullet points of the key topics/ideas to cover.  I might have a intro point, 3-5 main points to cover, and a reminder of how to close.  That's it!  KISS works here for social media videos...Keep It Simple Stupid!

Step #3: Low Cost Video Equipment = Smartphone

Low-end:  iPhone or other mobile phone with HD video capability.  I'm an iPhone user.  I have a $15 Gorilla desktop tripod and a self-stick.  That's it.  

High-end:  Professional cameras such as DSLRs are the top choice.

 A few points to observe when using the camera include:

  • Frame rate
  • Shutter speed
ISO (the camera’s sensitivity to light)
  • Color balance

Step #4: Identify & Study the Scene / Environment

High-end Scene:  Choose a backdrop, bring in a couch and chairs, clear out unnecessary people from the room, turn off overhead lights, and minimize noise by turning down the fan and paying attention to the AC.

Standard Scene: I walk through around the environment.  Choose a location where lighting is good and background noise is minimal.  If background noise is loud, recognize you may need to strip the noise and only have a audio sound track playing for the video.

Step #5: Record the Video

For short social media videos, I am for OTW - One Take Wonderful!

Seriously, I do!  Most of my videos are done in a single take.  I think through the details and then roll with it.  The intent is to be real and authentic, not perfect.  

For larger productions: Pay special attention to the beginning of the recording as beginnings can be rough. You may want to record that section again when the talent feels more confident and comfortable. 

Also, remember to shoot for edit. By keeping in mind that the footage you record will be edited later, you can make smarter decisions. Video recordings are best stored in an organized manner on an external hard drive.

Step #6: Editing & Music for Low Cost Video for Lead Generation

I do simple things like use the default editor on my iPhone to trim the front and end of the video to eliminate any view of the videographer turning the camera on or off.  I make it tight so that the video starts right away. Then I load the video into my Videoshop app on my phone where I can crop the video closer, cut out clips, add text, videos, image logos, soundtracks and more. From here I can save the video to my phone and load it to my YouTube channel easily.

Low-end Editing Tools: This means inexpensive, not ineffective!  These apps have power! Apps like Videoshop and Spark Video.  View more here: Video Editing Apps

Consider Captions.  Some videos perform better on platforms like Facebook if they have captions.  Why? Facebook autoplays videos but silently, and most users do not turn on the volume!  So, if you want the video to be impactful, you may need captions. Facebook has a tool for doing that (View post on Facebook video captions here.)

High-end: Editing can be a challenge but is made “doable” with tools like the Apple iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro. The Adobe Premiere Pro is particularly good as it allows editor collaboration, material organization, and syncs with other programs such as Photoshop and After Effects. Also, it makes exporting your videos to the web easy.

When choosing music, consider the purpose (is it for the background or something with real impact) and your audience. Get licensing for the music you use. Voice-overs are separate video narrations spoken by a speaker on-camera. They make your videos more fluid, relatable, and emotional.

Step #7: Publishing & Use of Low Cost Lead Generation Videos

Congrats! You’ve finished creating your video. Now, it’s time to use it. I definitely recommend you load the video to YouTube.  You might also consider Vimeo and VidYard. Youtube, however, is the go to so that you can grab the embed code and add the video to your website.

As well, a key aspect for lead generation is using the video on social media.  That’s why we kept the video length short. 2 minutes or less works great on Facebook and Twitter.  For Instagram, it needs to be 1 minute or less, or you need to break the video into 2 sections and load it to one Instagram post using the “multiple images/videos” feature.  

The caption is key.  It should grab attention and draw the viewer in.  It should give inclination to what the content is about but in an inviting way that doesn't reveal it all!

That's about it!  Take the fear out of video and get going.  You can create video for your business and social media accounts!

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