TubeBuddy: Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management

TubeBuddy_ Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management

It's no secret that video is fast becoming the most effective means of publishing content and building an audience. People are watching more and more video online thanks to high-speed Internet and smartphones.  YouTube is an obvious destination for video content creators seeking an inexpensive home for their videos and a chance for the videos to be discovered easily.

Google, the owner of YouTube since 2006, is the chef, cook, and bottlewasher of the content promotion, paid-discovery, and organic SEO landscape. They're able to dictate (with their algorithms) which content comes up on the first page of a Google search, and they do the same for YouTube searches as well.

If you publish videos online, on YouTube specifically, you're probably always looking for new and useful tips and tools to hack your YouTube publishing experience. You want more people to see your videos, more subscriptions, and perhaps even more sales for your product or service. TubeBuddy could quite possibly be your new best friend.

What is it?

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TubeBuddy offers a powerful suite of superpowers; that beef-up the abilities of the YouTube publisher's default toolset. More specifically, TubeBuddy offers a set of powerful content management and publishing tools, right in line with the regular YouTube experience. It all started with a small team building a browser plugin...and TubeBuddy was born.

By incorporating the TubeBuddy functions into a browser plugin, the new features are presented to users as if they were built-in YouTube features. In fact, once you get in the habit of using TubeBuddy on a regular basis as you upload videos, and because the process is so seamless, you'll probably forget which features are original to YouTube and which are from the TubeBuddy plugin.

Who is it for?

For the most part, TubeBuddy is for the YouTube power user. For those wanting to add Call-to-Action cards within multiple videos.  They offer a free service level, and those publishing content regularly and in large quantities to YouTube will gain the most from using it. The meat and potatoes of the TubeBuddy tool lie within its ability to bulk manage cards and annotations. Those experienced in YouTube marketing already know that cards and annotations are the gateway for bringing traffic, leads and potential sales from the YouTube video platform to your own website. Without TubeBuddy, you're left going into the card or annotation feature and making changes one-by-one, every time you want to change something, rather than efficiently doing this in bulk.

Why use it?

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It might be a smart idea to put a card 60 seconds into each video you upload that mentions a specific call-to-action, such as a free webinar or discount you're offering. Well, isn't the date and time of that webinar going to change? Of course, it will. After the current event has come and gone, you're going to schedule a similar webinar, seminar or event and want to promote it in the same place in your videos. So, instead of having to go around to each video one-by-one to update your cards, TubeBuddy gives you the power to make a change in one spot and be done. It's a major time-saver as it updates each location you used it.

The features of TubeBuddy extend beyond cards and annotations with tools related to SEO optimization, channel rank tracking and various reporting and promotion abilities as well. It's also nice to know that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition as TubeBuddy is offered in 4 service levels, starting with a pretty solid free basic plan. If you're generating revenue from YouTube or using YouTube as a lead source, TubeBuddy could pay for itself by increasing views and engagement across your videos.

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