Top Magento Challenges and How to Deal With Them

The Magento Partner Portal is the key place to look for potential partners to support you. You can view e-commerce agency profiles and get general information about partners, but you can also find their main clients and areas of expertise. This way, you can look at their past projects and certifications to determine if it's relevant to add them back to your list. Besides, they can help you tackle the challenges that arise with Magento development.

Top Magento Challenges and How to Deal With Them

How to Make a Call for Tenders

Once you have your list of potential providers, you can then start asking for business proposals. You have to be careful, because you can easily make mistakes during this step. You may not be prepared enough to start the call for tenders. Keep in mind that the development team needs to know exactly what you need in order to be able to estimate how much work is required for the project.

  • Make sure you are available. Do not send a series of emails with requests for offers if you cannot respond to the resulting questions or requests for several weeks. You are embarking on a project where continuous communication is essential to deliver quality work, and this begins at the tender stage.
  • E-commerce providers who send you an offer on the spot, based on the minimum information you gave them in your initial request, probably haven't made a correct assessment of the work to be done. This means that they are not prepared enough to do a good job.

Do your research and get more info before choosing your provider.

Being Consistent and Open

If you want to get an attractive offer, you need to make sure that you provide the same information to all the agencies you approach, so that you don't communicate on different or even contradictory narratives at the same time.

In the case of such a project, the price should not be the determining factor of your final choice.

The hourly rates can vary, but paying the rate requested by the developers is a profitable investment, even in the short term. Your main goal is to find a partner who will help improve your performance. The stability and general functioning of your e-commerce site will bring you the most profit.

Make sure to pass all the information requested. If the development team wants to know data such as the conversion rate of your online store or the available budget, it is because this data will allow them to evaluate in detail the work to be done.

Project preparation

As a Customer, How to Prepare?

Clients often ask to “provide all the important information” but how do you know which details are important? To determine this, you should know your strategy. Magento offers two basic packages for users. Free open-source Magento and a corporate service package. The free version is better known as a community edition and can meet the basic needs of e-commerce companies. Small business owners can create a website with simple online store functionality that is easy to run and customize.

Features of the open-source version include:

  • built-in checkout;
  • payment and delivery tools;
  • mobile shopping;
  • management of several stores;
  • order management;
  • tax management;
  • management of customers and customer groups, etc.

In addition, users can improve the functionality of the free version with Magento 2 extensions from the marketplace. Discuss all of the above issues with the team before getting down to business. Magento is about handling challenges every step of the way. However, it is also about versatility and ease of operation.

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