5 Tips to Rebranding Success

tips to rebranding success

After launching a product, at some point, you are going to want to update and rebrand to ensure it keeps up with the latest trends. This practice can be intimidating at first. However, by following a few steps, you will get through it quickly. Take the time to set your timeline, remember your customers, define your marketing strategy, test and follow up.  When you do, rebranding success is possible!

Set Your Timeline

Your first step is to set up your timeline for launch. You want to be realistic when creating this schedule. Pay attention to approval times for each step, including internal and external processes. If your rebranding requires any state or federal approval, be sure to account for that as well. Take the time to ask your team how much time they need. Your staff has the best idea of what is realistic for them. Finally, keep the conversation open should conditions change and the timeline needs to be adjusted.

Keep Customers First

Understanding how your customer uses your products is key to any rebranding. Start by asking UX research interview questions to familiarize yourself with your customer's experience using your product. This step is key to any rebranding success as it will give you a better idea of how your customers are engaging with your current product line and where you have room for growth. As you go through the rebranding process, continue to engage your customers and keep them in the front of your mind during your rebranding.

Redefine Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing departments work on messaging. Your rebrand cannot be successful unless you include redoing your current market strategy. Your marketing team can take charge of maintaining communications within your company and with the public. This communication can also help you keep your messaging consistent. Staying on message will help your company keep track of their progress and avoid unnecessary confusion during your rebranding. Do not forget to engage your team about what feedback they hear, as this can affect how well your rebranding is accepted. You could also consider consulting with various brand agencies to help with your rebrand.

Test, Test, Test

As you get ready to launch, plan for focus groups to get feedback on your efforts. Start getting responses from those who will benefit from the rebranding first. Those with their skin in the game are motivated for the rebranding to succeed and will give you honest feedback that will help. As you move further along in the process, start to bring in voices from the public in targeted groups to get a better idea of how accepted your rebranded product will be.

Plan a Follow-Up

Finally, even after you have launched your new product, your work is not over. It is time to start looking for metrics of success and seeing how you did. Have discussions with your teams and leadership about these metrics to help get better data and a clearer picture of how your rebrand went. Keep in mind that the process is never complete, and you can always learn more to improve for next time.  It's a process of continual improvement and learning quickly.

By staying on top of your brand refresh from start to finish, you can be confident you will succeed.

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