Tips To Hire A Team Of Developers Without An Expensive Recruiter


Hire A Team Of Developers Without An Expensive Recruiter

Are you an entrepreneur working on your website and baffled about hiring a developer? If yes, then this article will make your task easy for you. Whether working on applications, websites, or back-end software, developers are very important in optimizing your processes and marketing your brand. While working on your startup projects, hiring a developer team, especially, when you have to hire developers in Ukraine, managing the recruitment procedure without the help of any expensive recruiter is a hard nut to crack. with. However, these developers can be a game-changer for your business, as they can either boost it or ruin it. Therefore, realizing its importance, before you kickstart your developer recruitment process, let us help you with the following tips

1. Find A Developer Familiar With Your Culture

The first and most important tip is to look for someone familiar with the culture of your organization. Surely, skills will be your priority but someone who can understand your core values and your company culture is equally crucial as developing is more about team management and collective work. Therefore, while finding a perfect developer for your company you also have to look beyond the technical and theoretical skills of a person.

Your hiring manager should rank soft skills and cultural fit as one of the biggest criteria of recruitment. Training someone less experienced but who can work effectively with the rest of your team, sharing common goals will be way better than an antagonist in the business that can cause internal problems and restlessness.

2. Look Beyond The Cv Of A Developer

CV making is one of the most highly paid freelance services. Various job seekers pay for a perfect CV with expertise and qualities not true about them. Almost 85 percent of aspirants mold the truth to make their CV more attractive. Don’t be fooled by the shine of their CV, you will indeed look beyond the sheet of their cv. Most of the CVs only highlight the applicant’s biggest projects and their program language skills. Looking at how they can perform on the development floor is what we want.

To ensure you do not hire someone with a mere attractive CV without a recruiter you will need to assess his practical skills. The person who wants to get the job should be able to give a live test and explain his program choices on the spot. .Go beyond the initial screening step, do not haste,

As Simon Edwards. The Co-founder of Lightstart App said

“We’ve hired many developers with great CVs. But when it came to delivery, they couldn’t do the job,” says Edwards. “They were much more inexperienced and junior than they claimed to be, which resulted in delayed projects that were no longer profitable.”

Therefore, giving more time to the interview part to ensure the technical expertise that can fulfill their roles is essential

3. Taking Interview On Your Own

If you are new to the world of tech and you cannot afford a recruiter team then deciphering whether a developer can fulfill your needs can be difficult for you to be alone. Preplan a list with the interview questions or ask someone with the technical knowledge to sit with you in the interview. Having this extra pair of eyes can be fruitful as he can notice what you cannot.

Another potent step of an interview is portfolio checking. A self-explanatory portfolio can explain itself even if one is unaware of code and its use in application building. Some developers will be happy to show their work. If a portfolio shown to you seems to be in a different language, to comprehend it, ask for the finished product. Giving you a detailed view of their application development skills including user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) programming.

Hiring a developer who suits you the best on a contract basis will be the wisest decision to make. As explained above, finding a developer who matches your brand vision and company culture is a difficult task to do. But, if you follow the above tips and concentrate on this step of recruitment you will be able to secure the perfect hire.

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