Tips for Saving Money on Hotels This Summer

Saving Money on Hotels This Summer

Accommodation is one of the biggest costs associated with planning a holiday. However, attempting to budget with accommodation in mind can be surprisingly difficult. Hotel prices fluctuate considerably depending on the region, time of year, and even by the day. With accommodation prices often unpredictable, it can be hard bringing a holiday under budget. The following tips can help you achieve that, by cutting down your prospective cost in a number of ways. Keep reading to learn more about saving money on hotels.

Book Direct

Though accommodation aggregator services can be a convenient way to book your accommodation, they can also see you paying above the odds. From misstating prices to paying exorbitant finders fees and invisible administration costs on top of the core price. Booking direct means you cut out the middleman and get the best possible price for that room.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule. Certain sites and services will have unique prices due to agreements with the hotels in question. Still, some due diligence before you trust the price shown on an aggregate site could lead you to a better price. All with no hassle from a middleman.

Search for Discounts

Another hugely impactful way you can save money when you go to book your accommodation is by hunting for offers and discounts. Signing up to hotel mailing lists can sometimes yield exclusive one-time offers. Additionally, third-party coupon sites are a great place to find deals for chain hotel bookings.

You may also be able to leverage your career or vocation with regard to booking prices. For example, by using the Premier Inn discount code NHS workers are exclusively able to redeem, or by searching for hotel brands that offer reduced prices for those who serve in the military. Many budget brands have a student discount in place as well. This could work in your favor if you are in under- or postgraduate study.

Travel Off-Season

Off-peak travel is a good call for thrifty holidays overall. By trading peak season for slightly less-ideal temperatures and fewer available tourist attractions, you get smaller crowds, attractions to yourself, and – crucially – cheaper flights and accommodation. Hotels are less subscribed in their destination’s off-peak period. Therefore, they’re looking to incentivize bookings. As such, cheaper rooms are easy to find outside the normal tourist season.

No Frills

A significant majority of hotel rooms come with the option for extras. From included breakfasts to the minibar and beyond. Where possible, you should avoid these extras. It is often far more economical for you to source, or even cook, your own breakfast rather than pay the extra for a hotel-made one.

On rare occasions, stumping up for additional extras can be worth the money. For example, on longer trips, you might appreciate the convenience of an inclusive breakfast. Or, you might be able to take advantage of washing services to get your clothes clean. But, by and large, opting for the room and nothing more is the best option for your wallet. Utilize the tips above to help you with saving money on hotels and enjoy your summer.

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