Tips for Organizing a House Move

Tips for Organizing a House Move

Moving to a new house is exciting. However, there is a lot of stuff to manage and to prepare. It is important not to forget anything and carefully pack all the stuff to secure it. If you feel that you need help with managing your shipping and moving, professionals from Globalink Logistics are always ready to help you. In this article, we’ve prepared some tips on how to organize a move to a new home.

Create a moving binder

One of the best methods for staying organized during a house move is to make and keep a master moving binder or document. After all, keeping track of all moving contracts and receipts is easy with moving binders, and they also help to organize all moving tasks in one place. Store moving checklists, moving receipts, utility company phone numbers, a list of contributions, donation receipts, floor plans, design and decor inspiration, contractor bids, medical and school records, financial documents, moving company documentation, and more in a moving binder.

Print customized checklists

Many things need to move while you are relocating to a new home. There are many aspects to keep track of during a busy relocation, from managing the logistics of the moving firm to managing financial commitments. However, it is very difficult to determine what needs to be done and when. The solution is to make a thorough moving checklist. By following this moving checklist, you will be able to handle the moving pieces of your move efficiently and in a timely manner. Fortunately, you can find different variants of printable moving checklists on the Internet. Or you can develop your own unique moving checklist to organize your many chores for a successful move.

Color code moving boxes

If you already ladle your moving boxes by rooms, try to assign those labels a different color. This process will make it simpler to locate particular boxes for your new house as they come off the moving vehicle. Fortunately, a variety of shops, including Walmart and Amazon, now sell color-coded labels. Some even already list the rooms of your apartment or house. Or, choose to use different colored tape to make your own color-coded system. Assign all the boxes marked with tape to the appropriate room, such as the kitchen or the bedroom. Then, record what color tape matches what room.

Plan a packing strategy ahead of time

Don't just throw your items in a bag at random. Instead, develop a moving strategy for packing each area individually. Choose which rooms and closets to work on first before starting. Start by cleaning the rooms that hold non-essentials. The guest bedroom and bathroom, the library, the storage closet, the playroom, the basement, the attic, and the seasonal apparel in your wardrobe could all go under this category. The kitchen and bedrooms should be packed last, among other areas. After all, the days before your move will likely require the usage of these rooms. Once you've chosen a time to pack each room, you must determine the number of moving belongings required.

To plan all these steps properly you will need enough time. So it is important to start planning a move in advance. You will have enough time to think everything through and pack each item carefully.

Make a list of what each box contains

List the contents of each box as you pack it. This will assist you in keeping track of your belongings, as well as in finding them after the move. One common technique is to number all of the boxes, then create itemized lists for each box's matching number. Consider including lists by attaching them to the exterior sides of the boxes or putting them within the boxes.

Pack a moving day essentials box

Remember to bring your moving day essentials box or bag as well. It is better to create a list of all the things you'll need on the moving day. You won't forget something crucial at the last minute if you do it this way. Medication, toiletries, additional clothing, identification and credit cards, critical papers, baby necessities, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, a tool kit, pet necessities, and bottled water are just a few examples of what may be considered essentials.

Useful apps

To ease your move we had prepared a list of useful apps, where you can find professionals, who help with shipping, rent a car, make a checklist, and organize your stuff:

  • LetGo
  • ParkMobile
  • Sortly
  • Nextdoor

With these apps, your house move will be easier and faster.

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